Easy Gluten-Free Æbleskiver

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In Denmark it’s a holiday tradition to eat æbleskiver around the holidays. The word translates to “Apple Slices” and they got their name because originally they included small bits of apple inside. Traditionally they are made with flour, buttermilk, butter, eggs, all the good things.  During our trip to Solvang the boys got to enjoy some traditional Danish æbleskiver, but I couldn’t eat it with my various food allergies. I bought a pan back in 2013 and this year I finally did something different with it. Today I’m sharing with you my quick and easy gluten-free æbleskiver. Although the holidays look a little different right now, I hope it brings some joy to yours.

Quick & Easy Gluten-Free Danish Æbleskiver

Unlimited servings, 30 minutes.


  • Æbleskiver Pan –As a warning these do not work well on induction cooktops.
  • Wooden Skewers – These are for turning the æbleskiver.
  • Gluten Free Pancake Mix & Ingredients – I have had luck with Full Circle Farms, and 365 Organics. I also like Birch Blenders as a mix but consistency can vary between mixes and I have not tried to make æbleskiver with it.
  • 1 Egg – I like to add an extra sometimes when I make gluten-free items because it helps the food hold it’s structure. Plus, traditional æbleskiver have more eggs.
  • Filling – I used a couple of frozen blueberries and they were wonderful.
  • Oil – Spray or regular, something light, neutral-flavored, and tolerant of high heat like safflower.
  • Powdered Sugar – I also have this dusting wand that I love to use, I call it my fairy wand.
  • Tablespoon for scooping batter.
  • Cooling rack for finished æbleskiver.

How to Cook Æbleskiver

  1. Prepare the Gluten Free Pancake Mix as directed + 1 egg, I usually cook the whole box since æbleskiver is special for us. If you want to go the extra mile, beat the egg whites separately and fold them in last.
  2. Heat your æbleskiver pan on medium-high heat.
  3. Add a small bit of oil to each hole and let warm.
  4. Add a tablespoon of batter to each hole and once it starts to firm up on the bottom, use the wooden skewers to turn 90 degrees and let the batter flow into the hole.
  5. Add your filling. A couple of blueberries did the trick for me. Be sure not to overfill.
  6. Add about a tablespoon more batter to the holes and once it’s firm rotate the æbleskiver again.
  7. Rotate again to complete the circle and be sure it is brown on all sides.
  8. Remove from heat and serve topped with powdered sugar.
  9. Start the cooking process over again until all of your batter is gone.

Feel free to experiment with different fillings, I’ve found that more solid or jellied ones work best.


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  1. You share always good and appetizing recipes like this one!I will try to order this very original pan and try your deliciouslooking danish æbleskiver recipe!

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