Bike Ride to El Capitan State Beach

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During my trip down the coast I took a bike ride down to the beach with some new friends. We borrowed bikes from the place we were glamping and headed down to El Capitan State Beach. The weather really wasn’t cooperating but it wasn’t raining, so it was still a good ride. The tide was really high which meant lots of pickings for the seagulls and good waves for the surfers.

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Responses to “Bike Ride to El Capitan State Beach”

  1. Ahhh so so beautiful – takes me back .. would go back in a heart beat! thanks for sharing Jessica x

    1. Welcome! Can’t wait to see your photos too.

  2. It was so great meeting you on this trip. Thanks for joining us for a few moments away from people to enjoy the sounds and sights of the water!

    1. It was my pleasure. I’m always down for a trip to the beach, even if I can’t pedal all the way back up the hill, lol.

  3. Ugh, these photos are incredible. <3

    1. Thanks Nancy!

  4. The photos are GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks Stacy!

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