Aug 03, 2017

End of Summer Entertaining

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5 easy tips for end of summer entertaining.

With summer halfway over and school starting soon, I feel like I need to get in any last-minute visits with friends before life is busy again with less exciting obligations. Today I’ve partnered with zzysh® to share some of my best tips for end of summer entertaining. Often times not everyone is available for a big summer get together, so having smaller ones with friends is an easy and less stressful solution for everyone.

1. Head outdoors.
We put a lot of work into our yard this summer, and as long as the weather is still cooperating, outdoors is our favorite place to be. Try hosting a light bites get together on the patio or head to the park for a picnic. Be sure your outdoor furniture is clean and ready for guests. I like to double check candles, and toss a tablecloth and runner on our table just to make sure. It’s also a good time to give your outdoor cushion covers a good wash.

2. Keep decor simple.
There’s no need to go all out for entertaining. Have a low-key playlist on hand and pick up a simple bouquet of fresh flowers for the table. I usually try to make sure my house is picked up and that the guest bathroom is clean. Beyond that I think your guests just want to enjoy time with you and keeping it simple will keep your stress level low as well.

3. Snacks are fine.
Don’t feel obligated to serve a big meal every time you have a get together. Putting together a well rounded snack tray will serve the same purpose. Be sure to include lots of protein, dairy, fruit, and something savory to keep your guests snacking needs fulfilled. In the one featured above I have included: crackers, rosé salami, nectarine slices, blackberries, dried cranberries, brie, goat cheese, and dry roasted almonds. If you serve mostly finger foods, cleanup will be easier as well!

4. Save your wine!
One downside to having an intimate gathering is that you sometimes have a lot of wine leftover. I know I hate opening a bottle if I know I’m only going to have a glass or two. Using a wine preserving system like zzysh® can help extend the life-span of your wine or champagne, therefore it doesn’t go to waste and always tastes fresh later! You simply insert the zzysh® stopper into your wine or sparkling wine bottle, then insert the hand-piece into the stopper, pressing down for 3-4 seconds while you hear the “zzysh” sound.

The unique technology replaces the air in the wine bottle or pressurizes it, if it’s sparkling wine. This with a highly pure protective atmosphere consisting of argon for wine or a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide for sparkling wine. In combination with the stopper, this works to protect the wine and sparkling wine from oxidation, ensuring flavor, taste, fizz and color are all retained. You are free to enjoy it again later whenever you wish. As a special offer, use the promo code “getyourzzysh” for 20% off your own.

5. Cleanup immediately.
It can be tempting to wait to cleanup after entertaining, but the more a mess sits around, the more you will be less likely to want to entertain again. I love using a dishwasher safe platter and glasses, along with some cloth napkins for zero waste. The dishes go in the dishwasher, and the napkins in the laundry. Sometimes a quick wipe down of the table is needed, but beyond that cleanup should be simple and inspire you to invite friends over again.

What are your tips for end of summer entertaining?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of zzysh®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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I’m in love with that snack tray!

Your photos are beautiful. I want to dive into that amazing cheese fruit and cracker platter.

The weather is still pretty warm here, and the evenings are the best time of day. I need to invite some neighbors over for a “We’re sending the kids back to school” celebration!

I don’t personally have any end of summer tips as here in New Hampshire or even Vermont at my family location we just grill up food and eat it at a picnic table. Being that we live in New England and have many farms in the family, we tend to be more country style with our entertainment. I will say your tips sound great for having a little couples night though with friends at home!

Anything that involves early prep and wine and a quick clean up is right up my alley. I especially like the idea of spending time outside with grown ups one last time before school starts.

I love anything I can make in advance – I love having a surprise homemade treat toward the end of a gathering, like a sundae bar with homemade ice cream (made in the week leading up to the event). Toppings can hang in bowls or in the fridge until serving time, I love catering to the kid in everyone!

Ooh, that sounds delicious! I feel like I’d probably be so tempted to eat it beforehand, hahaha.

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