Aug 01, 2017

Glamping in California, Redwoods & Sea

Glamping in California

This summer we’ve spent a lot of time here at home in California. The weather here is usually moderate year-round, so awhile back we took a few days to go glamping in one of our favorite places, in the coastal redwoods. We booked this geodesic dome on airbnb for a couple of nights and had a blast. Today I’m sharing a look into our trip as well as some tips that I’ve learned on our glamping trips that helped make this one a little better.

 Tips for Glamping in California

1. Choose your dates wisely.
The weather in California may be mild for most of the year, but avoiding extreme heat waves or winter storms is probably a good idea. Most glamping locations aren’t very well insulated or provide air conditioning, and roads may be washed out by storms.

2. Get a list of provided supplies.
When you book your stay somewhere, try to find a list of provided supplies. The less that you need to pack, the better. We didn’t know that so much would be provided for us at our site, so I may have overpacked a little just in case.

3. Consider entertainment wisely.
Glamping can be fun, but it can also be isolating. We went to a place that was in the middle of the redwoods, so we were on our own much of the time. There was no cell service and the area was not very large for hiking. Luckily there was a small stream nearby and some board games were provided by our hosts. We also brought a laptop with some movies on it for our evening downtime.

4. Don’t forget bug repellent!
When we arrived at our site it was very hot and humid, so the mosquitos were swarming. My older son and I are very sensitive and susceptible to bites, so we were covered within an hour or so. I normally lean very organic and natural with my food and skincare but when it comes to mosquito repellent I skip right to the good stuff.

5. Escape if you need to.
I’m sure you may have noticed a couple of photos that looked out of place when scrolling through this post. That’s because when we decided to go glamping it was during a heat wave, so one of the days we went for a drive and escaped to some cooler weather at the beach. It’s good to have somewhere in mind just in case everything is not going quite as planned.

Have you been glamping before? Have any tips to share?

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Thank you for sharing your insight on this as I too wanted to go glamping off into the Carmel Valley your tips really do help!

Carmel Valley is so beautiful, have a great time!

I am totally not a camper or anything. I would still love to see the redwood forests.

Glamping is so much easier than camping because nearly everything is provided for you, there are no tents to set up, and a lot of places will even cook for you. I think you should give it a try! 🙂

This looks like so much fun but scary too! Not sure if I’d isolate myself however lol. Great tips especially the entertainment & bug repellent.

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