Fall Packing Tips from Stylish Travelers

Fall Travel Essentials

We’ve heard about beautiful Fall destinations, a minimal Fall packing list, and outfits to go along with it. But today I’m checking in with a few stylish travelers and their favorite Fall packing tips. They’re sharing their favorite fall destinations, along with their Fall must-haves to bring along. I hope you enjoy!

Fall Travel Advice with Nancy from Spiffykerms.com

First up is Nancy from Spiffykerms. Spiffykerms is a lifestyle blog that she’s had for years. It covers her fitness, beauty, fashion, and food. She moved to California from Newfoundland recently and we’re basically neighbors. Find out about her favorite Fall travel location and must-haves below.

Where is your favorite place to travel during the Fall season?

Favourite place to travel during the Fall, has to be back home in Newfoundland, Canada. I haven’t lived there for 10+ years, so every time I go back I wonder why I ever took it for granted. The city where I’m from has many nick names such as Little San Francisco (song) dhe to the steep streets and colourful Jellybean Row houses, oh and you cannot forget a good party down on George Street. While I enjoy the warmth California has to offer, I feel like Newfoundland is the epitome of Autumn with all the trees turning all vibrant earthy shades.

What is your favorite thing to do in Newfoundland?

Since Newfoundland can be quite unpredictable with weather (we often are serious about packing for 4 seasons when you go on a trip there), it’s often known for gorgeous weather around the late summer/early Autumn time. My favorite thing to do when I’m home is hike the many routes of the East Coast Trail and get gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean, rocky cliffs, and sometimes an iceberg or two. I also enjoy climbing on Granite Rock.

What five items would you pack for your Fall trip?

1. Definitely a hair tie considering the wind. I like to use the ribbon one’s since they don’t snag your hair.
2. Waterproof boots/sneakers: Like I mentioned, weather is completely unpredictable and Newfoundland has been known to have snow in July. No joke.
3. Layering pieces. I am definitely packing my lightweight athletic long sleeve tee from Champion because the sleeves can easily be rolled up, and it’s perfect for keeping you cool when you sweat, or adding as an additional layer under a jacket to keep you warm.
4. Stylish slim windbreaker: It’s rare that there’s not a windy day back home, and especially if you’re going sight seeing for whale watching tours or visiting the most easterly point in North America (Cape Spear) I’m going to guarantee you need something windbreaker-y.
5. Dark coloured skinny jeans – these can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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Fall Travel Advice with Kyla from KyMarieC.com

Next up is Kyla Currier from Ky Marie C. Kyla blogs about beauty, style, and life. I met Kyla via an online blogging group, and she’s always offered a helping hand if I needed it, so I’m happy to introduce you to her today. She lives in the New England area, so she especially knows about the beautiful fall colors there. Read about her favorite fall activities and must-haves below.

Where is your favorite place to travel during the Fall season?

I grew up in New England and my favorite place to travel during the fall is definitely the quiet corner of Connecticut. Driving route 169 you can see all the beautiful fall foliage, old historical houses, and all different types of farms.

What is your favorite thing to do in New England?

I love going apple picking, I’ve done it every year when I was younger and it was always a highlight of the fall time. The fresh picked McIntosh apples are delicious and the apple crisp is to die for!

What five items would you pack for your Fall trip?

A great blanket scarf, riding boots, J.Crew puffer vest, the perfect skinny jeans, and a cable knit sweater! That is my go-to fall outfit!

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Fall Travel Advice with Shari from Savvy Every Day

And last, but not least, is Shari from Savvy Every Day. Shari blogs about staying stylish as a mama, and other savvy parenting tips. I met Shari locally in the San Francisco area through a blogging event and she’s honestly the sweetest. Her daughter is super cute, too. Read about Shari’s favorite Fall travel spots and must-haves below.

Find out about her favorite Fall travel location and must-haves below.

Where is your favorite place to travel during the Fall season?

Ohio is actually one of my favorite places to travel to in Fall right now simply because of the colorful landscape. Whenever I’d visit family for birthday celebrations in October the leaves would be this glorious mixture of red and orange, just what you would envision Fall to really look like. I also have major lawn envy whenever I go and it makes me so happy to see so much green lawn for each home (not much of that here in California).

What is your favorite thing to do in Ohio?

I usually visit my Ohio relatives in Fall, but I also enjoy visiting the botanical gardens and checking out the more well-known museums like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What five items would you pack for your Fall trip?

Sunglasses, a warm sweater, jeans for playing in the leaves, mittens in case it’s a bit nippy out and a pair of stylish sneakers for hikes and walks

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