Aug 18, 2015

First Day of Middle School

first day of middle school

Do you ever have times as a parent where the scenario that you envisioned does not play out? The grand idea in your head just fizzles and you’re left with a different feeling than you expected. Yesterday morning marked Aiden’s first day of Middle School and I’m pretty sure I was more nervous than he was. My mom even came to stay with us to help see Aiden off into his Middle School years.

We all loaded into the car super early to make sure he was on-time, and even found a great spot to park. I had my camera ready, but as we approached the school Steve pointed out that most of the parents are not there with their children. The kids all stood around the quad chatting amongst themselves, while a couple of scattered parents watched on. Instead of doing our usual paparazzi of photos all the way into his first class, we did something different this year. We let go.

He crossed the crosswalk on his own just as the first bell rang. I couldn’t contain myself and snapped a photo anyway. He asked for directions from a teacher to his first class and headed on his merry way. We stood there, across the street, watching until we could no longer see him and he disappeared into the crowd of kids at his new school.

After I picked him up he chattered about new teachers, homework, and his lunch. The routine felt like the same one we’ve had for years, familiar and calming. My jitters melted away and I felt at peace with his new place. I’m so glad that he’s coming into his own, and so proud of the growth he’s made over the years in spite of any challenges he may face.

Do you remember your first day of Middle School? What was it like? Were you nervous?

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such a beautiful and meaningful photo! I can believe he is in middle school now! hope he has an excellent school year 😉

Love the picture, glad it was good. And grateful for Aiden that he was strong, courageous and handled his new school well.

Sounds like Aiden’s first day of middle school was a success for both parents AND son!! Leave it to Steve to pick up on the “don’t hoover” as a parent cue (definitely something he would have wanted his own parents to do!) 🙂

Aiden isn’t one to just go, so I’m really proud that he walked towards the school without hesitation. When I dropped him off for his WEB (Where Everyone Belongs, they meet an upper grade “buddy” that will support them throughout the year) orientation for school I had to basically pry him off of me so I could leave.

I have a confession: I have been teaching middle school for 8 years now, and I always have the first day jitters. As teachers, we want our kids to like us and our class and we want to have a great year together. It always helps me to remember that my kids are just as nervous/excited to meet me as I am them!

Haha. I bet you do, you’re meeting so many new kids!

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