Jun 09, 2014

Gift Guide for the Travelin’ Dad


01. Chalk Water Bottle / 02. Leather Strap Watch / 03. National Parks Book / 04. Das Horn / 05. Moscow Mule Mug / 06. Jack Black Travel Kit / 07. Trinket Box / 08. Travel Anywhere Guide / 09. Duffel Bag / 10. Wood Earbuds

Does your Dad like to get around? I’ve got the perfect round up for his fun at home and away.

01. Chalk Water Bottle / This super rad item could go with dad anywhere, and you can write on it!
02. Leather Strap Watch / So Dad doesn’t always have to rely on his cell phone for time.
03. National Parks Book / This handy leather-bound book contains info about Nat’l Parks.
04. Das Horn / There is no other way to drink his cold one. Comes with strap and stand.
05. Moscow Mule Mug / In case he likes a different type of cold one.
06. Jack Black Travel Kit / All 3oz rule compliant while stylish enough for the cool dad.
07. Trinket Box / Leather Trinket Box that reads, “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”.
08. Anywhere Guide / A non-specific travel guide for a new experience in every destination.
09. Duffel Bag / Short trip? Carry on? Perfect and durable for dad’s quick getaways or carryon.
10. Wood Earbuds / Style and sound. These beauties come with a travel friendly bag, too.

And you’re in luck, just like my Mother’s Day Guide, most of these items can be picked up in store!

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My husband loves his Das Horn! Hahaha, I am not a very patient gift giver either. And a blender sounds like an amazing gift right now, it’s so hot here!

Das Horn is AWESOME!!!! I went ahead and got my hubby a Ninja blender. That’s what he’s been wanting soooo bad! And I already gave it to him because I am so impatient!! HA

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