Jun 06, 2014

Flight Home / Seattle, Washington

team-wiking-flight-home-from-seattle-1 team-wiking-flight-home-from-seattle-2 team-wiking-flight-home-from-seattle-3 team-wiking-flight-home-from-seattle-4

Our flight home from Seattle was very early but it was worth it when we were rewarded with the most vibrant sunrise I’ve ever witnessed. The sky looked like it was on fire. After takeoff the plane gained elevation over the calm waters that surround Seattle and it set the tone for a nice family nap on the journey home.

Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway, Sarah Grace! I’ve sent you an e-mail about claiming your prize. If I do not have a response within 48 hours I will choose a new winner. Thank you so much everyone for entering, following, tweeting, etc.

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I just read all of your posts about your trip to Seattle to see what you thought and I have to say this one spoke to me the most. I’ve spent a lot of time at SeaTac and these pictures are the ones that speak to me the most. I’m used to seeing pictures of the market or the space needle but you captured the calm that comes with those early morning flights so beautifully. That first photo is gorgeous and the last photo is what I look for on flights to remind me of home. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Seattle! 🙂

I love sunrises on planes! They’re so gorgeous.

I know, right? Sunrises and sunsets from a plane are my favorite!

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