Jun 05, 2014

Wanderlust / Hike the Cascades

team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-1 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-2

This month’s Wanderlust post is from a friend I made at Photo Field Trip, Greg Balkin of Brightwood Photography. He’s allowing me to share photos from his hike through North Cascades National Park which stretches through the state of Washington. The mountain that you see in some of them is Mt. Shuksan. Aren’t these photos just dreamy? I’m not even going to apologize for sharing so many, they’re gorgeous!

team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-3 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-4 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-5team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-6 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-7 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-8 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-9 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-10team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-11 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-12 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-13 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-14 team-wiking-greg-balkin-wanderlust-cascades-hike-15

To see more of his amazing work, please visit his website Brightwood Photography.

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That bridge! Wow!

I know! I want to go walk on it, but I’m also a little scared.

Super gorgeous.

Aren’t they though?! I’m dreaming of going on a hike there now, especially to that bridge!

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