Jun 04, 2014

CityPASS Seattle


For our trip to Seattle, I did something a little different and purchased a CityPASS. It was my first time using CityPASS and I have to say the experience (and 46% savings) was pretty awesome. The activities that we chose to do are below.

team-wiking-24-hour-space-needle-seattle-washington-1 The Space Needle – We got two visits within a 24 hour time frame so we chose to do one in the evening, and one the next morning.

team-wiking-seattle-aquarium-seattle-washington-1Seattle Aquarium – I took the boys to this own my own while Steve took care of some work one day. It was a nice aquarium and wasn’t too crowded.

team-wiking-harbor-tour-seattle-washingtonArgosy Cruises Harbor Tour – This was an especially fun trip, even in the rain. It was nice to get a different perspective and learn a bit more about the city than we would just being on foot.


EMP Museum – The Experience Music Project Museum was a good nap-time activity for us as there weren’t a lot of toddler friendly options here. The alternative for this was the Woodland Park Zoo, but we chose not to rent a car and stayed within walking distance of downtown.

team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-1Pacific Science Center – We chose the Pacific Science Center because it was closer and seemed more toddler friendly than the alternative choice, The Museum of Flight. The Museum of Flight looked neat but was too far out of the way and not as hands on.


Overall I think the CityPASS is a great option if you are planning to visit a few more touristy places and have time to kill. I knew that we already wanted to do the Science Center, Space Needle, and some sort of water cruise / tour so our Seattle City PASS really worked in our favor. I’m thinking of trying one out for the summer for the boys and I in SF!

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I’ve always wondered about getting a city pass. I never know if I have enough time to do everything.

I think it depends on what is included and how old your little ones are.

I’ve never used a City Pass when we’ve traveled as they never seem to include exactly what we want to see. The Seattle City Pass, however, sounds great. I’ll be keeping it in mind when we visit Seattle in the not too distant future.
Thanks for sharing this. I would never have thought to look into it.

If I’m being 100% honest, we probably would not have gone to all of these places if I didn’t have to kill some time while Steve worked, but it made a really easy and safe option for someplace to go when the weather wasn’t great and I had to keep the kids occupied.

Thank you for posting this! I plan on visiting Seattle with my husband , and parents this summer when they come to visit. We just moved to Idaho so we want to start exploring the Northwest!

You’re welcome, they really were a big savings/help. It was so easy to just give them your book instead of having to buy tickets and figure out what we needed to buy.

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