May 14, 2014

Pacific Science Center / Seattle, Washington

team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-1 team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-2 team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-3 team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-4 One of our stops during our trip to Seattle was the Pacific Science Center. It reminded me of the Expirimentarium we visited in Denmark as well as our own Exploratorium in San Francisco, California. There were a few really cool exhibits that the boys loved like the dinosaurs and outer space. The naked mole rats looked really gross but it was fun to see their little system of tunnels and team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-6 Søren wasn’t fond of the giant praying mantis but the butterfly house was a favorite for all of us. They always seem to want to land on me. I’m just glad it was on my hand this time instead of in my hair. team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-7 team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-8 My personal favorite was a floor that had lights shaped like bugs projected onto it. When you stand on the floor the bugs circle and chase you. It was a fun interactive piece that kept Søren entertained for quite Overall I would definitely recommend a stop here if you have kids (or adults) that are remotely interested in science, or bugs. Or if it’s too rainy out to do anything outdoors. It’s also conveniently located next to the Space Needle!team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-10 team-wiking-pacific-science-center-seattle-washington-11

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[…] Pacific Science Center – We chose the Pacific Science Center because it was closer and seemed more toddler friendly than the alternative choice, The Museum of Flight. The Museum of Flight looked neat but was too far out of the way and not as hands on. […]

I love all of these Seattle posts! I always tell friends to stop by the PSC when they visit Seattle. These posts make me a bit homesick, but I’m happy to see the naked mole rat exhibit is still going strong 🙂

Thanks! There are still a bunch more, I feel like I’m still there! Lol.

I love these kind of places! I wish I had stopped by when I was in Seattle. Guess there’s always next time.

There is- I feel like I always find out about more cool places to visit after we get home. I figure once I collect enough to see more we can always plan another trip!

wow! looks like so much fun for the kids!

They had a really great time!

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