Gift Guide for the Traveling Mama

Gift Guide for Mothers Day 2015

1. Cozy Blanket / 2. California Cheese Board / 3. Foldable Flats / 4. Oversized Sunglasses / 5. Modern Print / 6. Travel Size Scent / 7. Perfect Tote / 8. California Necklace / 9. Rolling Carry-On

Do you remember this from last year? Mother’s Day is coming up quickly, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite gifts for a Mom who loves to travel. I also can’t help but lust after most of these for myself.

1. Cozy Blanket / An irresistible throw to snuggle up with during cooler Spring nights.
2. California Cheese Board / Who doesn’t love California? Other states are available as well.
3. Foldable Flats / I’ve been crushing on these for so long. They fold up for travel, and come with a bag!
4. Oversized Sunglasses / Oversized Sunnies are my favorite jet lag pick-me-up.
5. Modern Print / Would love this print to remember a trip to one of my favorite cities.
6. Travel Size Scent / Flowerbomb is a favorite, and this size is perfect to bring along on her travels.
7. Perfect Tote / This tote is wonderfully sized for both travel and exploring.
8. California Necklace / I might be partial, but I’d wear this proudly every day.
9. Rolling Carry-On / With carry-on limitations increasing, I’ve been eyeing even softer sided versions.

Do you have any plans for your Mom on this Mother’s day? I’d love to hear about it. I know mine reads my blog (Hi, Mom!) so I won’t giveaway my gift.

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Responses to “Gift Guide for the Traveling Mama”

  1. The travel size scent– brilliant! My mom travels so much, she’s rarely home for more than 3 weeks straight.

    1. Ooh, that’s wonderful. I feel like I’ll travel on my own a lot once my kids are older too.

  2. OMG that CA cheeseboard is DARLING! I’m about to move from SF to Chicago and might need to get that for myself 🙂 These are such cute ideas, thanks for sharing! xo Lisa

    1. It sounds like you need the cheeseboard AND the Chicago poster! Best of luck with the move. 🙂

  3. This is awesome! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a gift guide for a traveling mom, and it’s genius!
    Thanks for the great tips!!

  4. I have “oversized sunglasses” on my list of things to get… those look really great! How did you like the foldable flats? On the fence about getting a pair. Great post! 🙂

  5. Love those oversized sunnies! Think I might need some for myself too!! Haha


  6. Wow these items are all so chic! I love the cali cutting board and for $30 that is a no brainer! I also love the idea of taking Cali with you by wearing the necklace! These were all so well thought out! Your posts are always amazing!
    xoxo A
    The Miller Affect

  7. That Cali cheese plate is so cute. And I love the size of that Flower Bomb – I need to pick one up. The throw looks so cozy; I think I may have to refer to this next time I travel. I am the worst at packing. 🙂

    à la Plage style

  8. I love this gift guide idea, my mom seems to always be on the go and she always steals my cute travel blankets so this year she’s probably getting her own!

  9. I need all of these! They’d be perfect for the amount I travel 🙂 xx, Ada

  10. such fantastic picks!!!loving those sunnies and that tote really is perfect!!

    Xo, Christina

  11. Love you your picks! That cheese board is awesome!!

  12. Great picks! I love those flats and they are so affordable…the tote is gorgeous too! I actually love it all!

    Brooke |

  13. How fun is that cheese board?!

  14. LOVE all these items – that cheese board is amazing! I need it 🙂

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