Jul 03, 2015

Glamping in an Airstream

When I was approached by KOA about a glamping trip, I have to admit I was a little hesitant. You might laugh at me, but for some reason growing up I always thought KOA was for boy scouts? I don’t know how I got the idea in my head, but it always stuck with me. After learning more, we were pretty excited for our trip. We booked one of their airstream units because I’ve always wanted to go glamping in an airstream. They just seem like the perfect mix of past and future. Toyota set us up with a Highlander for our trip and it was the perfect size to fit all of our gear comfortably. Steve couldn’t get away from work, so my mom (our beloved Nana) came with us.  Unpacking was a breeze and the kids settled in quickly.
team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-2 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-3 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-4 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-5 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-6 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-7 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-8 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-9 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-10 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-11 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-12 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-13

I didn’t know what to expect, so I’ll admit that I overpacked by quite a bit. Our airstream came with most of the supplies we needed to cook, sleep, and have fun. Other types of accommodations like the tent sites or certain cabins do not. It didn’t take long for the boys to find the playground and beach fun area. We rented a four-wheeled pedal bike and took turns riding around. It was a good workout (especially with Søren on the back) but lots of fun. I’ve been trying to rationalize why we might need one at home but so far it’s not looking good so I guess we’ll have to come back some day.

team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-14 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-15 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-16 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-17 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-18 team-wiking-toyota-koa-santacruz-monterey-19

After dinner the fog rolled in quickly and Nana taught Aiden a little bit about building a campfire. We had s’mores and then called it a night.

For this trip our stay was sponsored by KOA Kampgrounds and vehicle by Toyota. All opinions, text, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

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[…] Glamping in an Airstream is something I was so happy to check off my bucket list. It really made it easier to not have to worry about setting anything up. To continue on our adventure, We spent the start of the day at Moss Landing State Beach, and the greater part of our afternoon hiking around Fort Ord Dunes State Park. Afterwards we enjoyed the pool, ate dinner, watched the sunset while Søren put on a show, and attempted to use up all of the s’mores supplies we brought (too many marshmallows). The next morning was dense with fog and we headed off to new adventures. A special Thanks to KOA Kampgrounds and Toyota for making this trip possible. […]

I visit my sisters in Santa Cruz all the time and I am definitely putting this on my list of places to stay. Love all the details you photographed. The word ‘glamping’ cracks me up:P

This looks like so much fun!! I’ve only been camping once and it was disaster, maybe it was because I was in high school but looking at all these pictures and reading about your experience I totally want to give it another shot. And seriously how cute is this airstream!?? Can I start coming with you on all your adventures!? xo

what an awesome experience. the little ones will treasure these memories, as i know you will. i have never visited a KOA before, but have been curious to do so. renting an airstream is on my bucket list, oddly enough.

This actually looks like a lot of fun and I just love how these trips will make such wonderful childhood memories for your boys! They appeared to be having a great time and hopefully you all were able to totally disconnect and enjoy the simpleness of camping…or “glamping”!

Brooke | KBStyled

I LOVE the pic of your babies sitting on the stairs:) I have been wanting to try camping in an airstream in Marfa. Can’t wait to try it out like you!
Southern Elle Style

That looks like SUCH a fun trip! I love that cute little bike – looks like everyone could have fun on it!
xx, Victoria

Looks like a fun glamping trip! Which KOA did you go to? I’ve always been intrigued by KOA, I see them every time we take 50 and go up to Tahoe.

Glamping is my kind of camping! Looks like a lot of fun!

Ugh. Goosebumps. I love that photo of Aiden and Soren sitting outside the camper! What a sweet adorable shot.

I actually really like the colour of the Toyota.

WHAT are you riding on!?!! Is that a go-kart? and WHERE can I get one. Honestly, I said to my husband for my birthday I totally wanted to go go-karting, not one word of a lie lol.

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