Mar 29, 2016

Camp Birthday Inspiration

Wild Thing Natural Birthday Party by Kelli Murray

photo by Jackie Wonders via 100 layer cakelet

Brooklyn Winter Baby Shower via 100 Layer Cakelet

photo by Lauren Crew via 100 layer cakelet

Søren’s 4th birthday is rapidly approaching, and since just after last year’s party I’ve know that I wanted to do something with a forest or trees. He really loves the outdoors, so I’ve decided to go with a camping or outdoorsy theme. I thought about doing a Where The Wild Things Are party since he was Max for Halloween (and makes a perfect Max!), but I really don’t like doing character parties. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Camp Birthday Inspiration in a secret Pinterest board (OoOoOooOh!) to help guide me as I plan. I think I’ve narrowed the basics down to a few major party items:

Minimal Nature / Camp Party Inspiration for my son's 4th birthday party.

1 Table Linens
Love this Backvial bedspread from Ikea, I already have and use it for picnics. It’s a much more toned down look from most traditional picnic blankets and I thought the print would be perfect for a camp party theme. If it’s too busy on the table, I’ll just spread a couple out on the lawn for people to sit on. The Good Times Napkins just look fun for a party. I also just adore these Modern Camp Bear Face Napkins from Harlow & Grey.

2 Wood Crate
I would love to use this Knagglig Crate from Ikea to store plates, napkins, and utensils in on the table, or placed on the ground to hold favor bags or party activities.

3 Party Sign
Since we’re planning to host this at a local park, this adorable chalkboard sign from World Market would be perfect to direct our guests to the right picnic area. I’ve even designed a little logo to use for the party.

4 Food Decor
I’ve always loved woodland style party decor (my baby shower!). I can’t put my finger on it, but I just love how whimsical and fun it is. This wooden bark charger and drink dispenser from World Market are perfect to convey that natural and campy feel.

5 Camp Lanterns
We have a couple of these bronze lanterns from a glamping trip last year. They have LED lights in them and are battery powered, so they’re perfect to hang out on the table to make it feel more warm and inviting.

6 Nature Inspired Outfit
I am in love with this tee from alphonnsine, and these evergreen bloomers from Rylie & Cru. The bear on the tee is perfectly done, and the trees on the bloomers remind me of the tree in the Camp Søren logo.

7 Party Wear
These watercolor masks from Wonderful Collective are so beautiful. I am in love with the style of them, and the selection. I think the little raccoon is my favorite.

8 Games
Since we plan on having the party outdoors, I thought it would be fun to pick up some an outdoor game of sorts. This eco-friendly ring toss set is perfectly natural and will fit in great with the forest theme.

9 Favors
I despise nothing more than receiving cheaply-made party favors that will end up in the garbage in a few days. I feel like this is one of my splurge areas for the party, and am in love with these kraft moleskin notebooks, twig colored pencils, and tree top tops. I might tie them up in a simple white napsack or drawstring backpack.

Ultimately I’m going for something a little nature-inspired, camp-inspired, modern, minimal. I’m hoping to be able to blend all of these feelings together to make it into something wonderful with effort in just the right areas for Camp Søren. I’m a little nervous about packing everything up to have it at a park, but it means I can take longer with my yard and house redecorating so it does ease a little stress off my back.

Shop the list:

Have you ever hosted a nature themed party? I’d love to hear your input!

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[…] intimate and fun for everyone involved, so I had it at one of our favorite local parks. I shared my inspiration awhile back, and I’m happy to share how it all turned out […]

We had those same masks – found them in a small shop in Norway actually and used them to dress up a birthday table at a restaurant for my niece – both the kids and adults love them on or also on the top of your head for photos and such – good luck planning!

Ahh, that’s so great to hear! They’re a little pricey so I’m hesitant to buy a huge amount, but maybe I’ll just pick up a pack as a photo booth prop instead. They look so beautiful.

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