Oct 21, 2016

Goat Island near Oahu

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One of our bucket-list items for this trip to Hawaii was a venture out to Goat Island. It is a small island off the shore of Northern Oahu (Laie) that can be accessed by walking or swimming from Malaekahana State Recreation Area. The waves enter the area between Oahu and Goat Island from both sides, so they form a crossover pattern that can be a little difficult to navigate but worth it once you’re across.

Prepared with water shoes, boogie boards, and wet bags, we made our way across to the island in about 10 minutes. The water was a little difficult to manage with the swells being so large, but as long as you don’t try to fight them and take your time it will be fine. We hung out there for a couple of hours, playing in the calm waters of the cove, looking for sea birds (it’s a protected nesting ground, so don’t cross the barriers!), and following little sand-colored crabs around.

When we made our way back the water was much easier to navigate. The best path to take is the one that looks the shortest. The water is less deep and the waves colliding actually help you get back to shore. Once we reached the shore, we came across from sea grapes perfect for snacking on.

Søren is wearing Marysia Bumby Boy Shorts, and I’m wearing the Marysia Mott Maillot.

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Wow great article I’m planning a trip to Oahu in December and hope to be on the North Shore. Just wonderimg Where did you get that snorkel your hubby is wearing?

WOW stunning photos. I never considered a drone for photography. I love that your images look professionally done and you shared such breathtaking shots.

Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. Also, love the scallop detail on your suit.

He’s such a handsome guy. I love his shorts and the scalloped cuts on your swimsuit.

These photos are gorgeous and this place looks so beautiful!! You are and your little are so cute!
Charlene The Frugal Fashionista

What a beautiful place! I would love to visit here someday. I love your scallop swimsuit.

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

Looks so lovely. Hawaii is my absolute dream trip, my have to schedule Goat Island into my imaginary itinerary for now

– Natalie

Stunning photos and your bathing suit was so cute!

Abigail Alice x

These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been loving everything about your blog, from your web design to all you travel posts! Your photos are so aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to look at:)

love from Grace Says

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