Jan 07, 2018

A Good Night’s Sleep

5 easy tips for a good night's sleep 5 easy tips for a good night's sleep

One of my main goals for the new year was to prioritize my heal. Sometimes this means making a hard decision that is better for me in the long run. I’ve made jokes before that I’m absolutely not a morning person, but this year I have not allowed myself to be a night person either. It has resulted in me feeling more well rested and ready for my day, so today I’m sharing a few of the changes I’ve made with you.

5 Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

1. Make your bedroom into a peaceful retreat.
Using colors and textures that help calm you, as well as clearing your room of clutter will do a lot to help calm your mind at night. I can’t fall asleep quickly if I’m busy glancing around the room at a mess or distracted by things I need to clean or do.

2. Choose comfortable pajamas.
I’m completely guilty of hanging on to the same pajamas forever and ever until they fall apart, so when one of my favorite stores released these new pajamas I jumped on a pair. They’re so very soft and comfortable

3. Your bed absolutely matters.
Not long ago my focus in our bedding was on thread count. We had higher thread-count sateen cotton sheets and a standard mattress with a memory foam topper. When we moved and had to downsize our bed, I replaced out mattress with a very comfortable yet firm one from Brentwood (seriously, love it!). We switched our bedding to these all linen set and our sleep has never been better. Our temperature is so regulated at night that I don’t sweat anymore and in the dead of winter we’ve refrained from adding our duvet back into the cover. We ditched our top sheet too!

4. Filter out any light or noise distractions.
Same as above, this will help to keep your mind at ease. Think of how you sleep best and aim to make the place you sleep most like it. I like a quiet and dark room so I make sure to have the blinds closed and household noise (dishwasher, laundry, etc.) off when I go to sleep. Slip also sent over this beautiful silk sleep mask (c/o) and it’s made a huge difference for me when I am the only one going to bed first. My youngest son prefers to sleep with a nightlight and music on, so we make that work for his bed time.

5. Make a routine, and stick to it.
This is where I always used to fall short. I’d sit up late on my computer working away but not as focused as I was able to be during the day. It would suck the energy right out of me and I’d miss out on precious sleep. Now my routine is to have a bath or time to myself, but be off screens by at least an hour before bed time. I wash my face, brush my teeth, put on comfortable pajamas, make myself “Nighty Night” tea with valerian, use a “Sleep” roll-on oil, then read a book for 30 minutes bed. Although it was hard at first, it’s very satisfying for me now to go through the routine and it feels good to do something for myself during the day.

5 easy tips for a good night's sleep 5 easy tips for a good night's sleep

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What do you do for a good night’s sleep? Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

All images by Sarah Hettervik for Hej Doll.

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Self-care is something I need to work on, even the bubble bath kind! <3 But finding wellness through natural means like you've found with Nature's Way would be a big upgrade to my health this year.

Nesse momento eu estou pensando o quanto preciso seguir as suas dicas, não sei como é ir para cama sem o meu celular e ficar horas olhando o Instagram. Quero aproveitar as suas dicas e ter minha noite de sono perfeita.

haha that second pic (of you laughing) is fantastic. My fave!

Nothing feels more refreshing to wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Although I am not affected by noise or light, it is a well made bed that makes me feel relaxed. I don’t want to walk into a cluttered bedroom because I have that urge to organize it first before I sleep.

I too need to make a personal commitment to get more sleep. I oftentimes find myself feeling drowsy and drained when I get up because I am not getting enough sleep. I know this plays a significant role in why I do not have enough energy throughout the day.

These are great tips and I will be utilizing them so I too can get a good night’s rest. Loving this blog post!

You are so right that the bed absolutely matters when it comes to sleeping well. Getting enough sleep this year is definitely a priority for me as well.

Sleep is so important!!!! I really need to improve on the amount of sleep I’m getting. I swear my mind just does not shut off at night

I’m working on furnishing and decorating mine. Have to move out the treadmill!

I think my biggest problem is not having screens. I know I will sleep better but its so hard!

Good sleep is so important – and it definitely starts with the space. I’m just getting back to good sleep since my kids are finally both sleeping through the night again!

It’s so important to get a good nights sleep. I used to sleep like a rock but with age I’ve become so sensitive to noise, distractions and more than one glass of wine – any/all of these can keep me up all hours. My husband insists on falling to sleep with the TV on and I can’t do it! He gets 30 minutes before I go to bed – How did I let that TV into the bedroom?

Feeling comfortable is most important for me. I discovered that I don’t like wide-leg pajamas because they bunch around my knees throughout the night, so I ditched them for tapered-leg pjs and leggings. I think establishing a nighttime routine is also really important. Like you, I dedicate the end of my night to a book, a cup of Sleepytime tea, a sleep balm on my temples, and a no-screen policy. It’s so simple, but it feels luxurious and I look forward to heading to bed.

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