Jan 10, 2023

Holiday Decor Storage Tips

Now that the holidays are over and done with, I’m in the mood to organize everything. In order to start off on the right foot I put away all of our holiday decor a little early, plus I’m excited to have some much needed floor space back in our house. Today I’m sharing with you my tips for staying minimal during the holidays and storing holiday decor afterward.

  1. Use consumable or compostable items.
    Not only is a real tree better for the environment, especially when sourced responsibly, it doesn’t add to the mountain of things to store for the holidays. You can use trimmings from it to create a beautiful wreath as well to last well beyond the holidays. Orange garlands, foraged, and natural decorations all fall within these categories.
  2. Minimize your holiday items.
    We love the holidays, but living in a small house means I can’t have as much decor as I used to. We’ve pared down over the years to just the essentials while still remaining festive. Now is a great time to go through and declutter anything you haven’t used in a long time or that doesn’t hold value for you sentimentally or otherwise.
  3. Be mindful of storage.
    Aside from the plastic tote that we’ve had for years, all of my holiday decor storage items are ‘found’. Before I had the wooden wine bottle box I used a cardboard lightbulb box to store my ornaments. The openings are just the right size to keep each ornament safe while taking up minimal space. For smaller ornaments, an egg carton would work perfect.
  4. Consolidate gift wrap.
    Every year I choose a solid color wrapping paper to use for Christmas gifts. In the past it has been matte gray, matte black, matte brown, and sometimes something festive like plain metallic silver. I also use an assortment of black grosgrain, silk, or velvet ribbon which I collect and reuse as much as possible. Using plain wrap means that I can use it year-round and find other ways to spruce it up if necessary.
  5. Make selective purchases.
    If all else fails and you have to buy something for storage, be selective! I like to look for items that are made from natural materials and will help stand the test of time. Items made from wood, metal, glass, cotton, and other natural materials are perfect.
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What are your favorite ways to store holiday decor?

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