Jan 13, 2023

Notes on Cleaning my 2023 Minimal Closet

This year I wanted to start off on the right foot, so I decided to do my closet clean out at the start. One of the biggest realizations I had was that some of my items aren’t serving me well anymore. Either the fit is off, they’re worn out, or I simply do not reach for them. My closet has been steady for a few years now, so a slight refresh is in order.

A few noticeable changes that were made to my minimal closet in 2023:

  • Replaced Everlane Dress with Quince Washable Silk Dress.
  • Swapped out my Everlane Boxy Oxford for the Sézane Max Shirt. The Boxy Oxford became smaller with wash and I didn’t like how it fit anymore.
  • Replaced my white twill shorts with white denim shorts.
  • My short sleeve white shirt is out the door because although I wore it in the summer, it was quite sheer and I already have a long-sleeved white shirt that I can just roll the sleeves on.
  • Gifted my black linen long-sleeve to my Gma because she has recently become fond of linen and even though it is a thermoregulating material it is still heavy for summer here.
  • Ditched my black skinny jeans (I know, right?!).
  • My turtleneck tee has seen better days, and I have a turtleneck sweater as well so the tee is out the door.
  • This camisole is on the chopping block because I’m only getting older and I can’t wear a strapless bra with it.
  • I recently added a long “leather” jacket to the mix, and it worked so well with my halloween costume that I am dying to work it into my everyday wardrobe. The biggest problem is that my other leather jacket, while vastly different, I haven’t worn in quite awhile. I might list it for sale but I don’t want to regret it later, haha. I haven’t ever had a box of clothing stored away but this might change that.

For more detailed information you can find everything in my 2023 Minimal Closet Tour.


After years of resisting adopting a “save for later” clothing box, I finally did several years ago. Having just recently pulled out a few of those items, I can say a huge thank you to my past self for hanging on to them. Do it! You won’t regret setting aside your jacket for future you.

I think you’re right! I’m just really stubborn with storage space.

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