Apr 11, 2017

House Tour, My Updated Dining Room

House Tour: My Dining Room

House Tour: My Dining Room House Tour: My Dining Room

House Tour: My Dining Room House Tour: My Dining Room

Remember the time that I said I have a plan for our dining room? And then I even took the time to style the new shelves? Today it is finally time to share the tour of my updated dining room with you!

I am not a professional interior designer or stylist by any means, but I really wanted our dining room to reflect the cross between California modern, Mid-Century Modern, and Scandinavian Minimal feel that I love so much in interior design right now. Most of all, the room needed to work for us. I swapped out the credenza for some Ikea Lattjo shelves, but if you’re not feeling the black, these ones at World Market are a pretty gray color.

The hanging chair was added to the corner as a little relaxing or reading nook, and often times the kids will pile in it together with no goal other than to watch the birds outside. I kept our old dining table and chairs because they feel so right for our family and our use of the space. Overall we are very happy with it, and will continue to enjoy our family dinners, arts and crafts, projects, and reading there.

House Tour: My Dining Room

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I’ve been thinking of switching out my light fixture, but I kind of love how simple it is. What do you think?

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I love how simple and elegant everything is. I also love that swing!

Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

This style is simple and elegant. 🙂 Everything is designed so perfectly matching each other. The bright color is so soothing for eyes.

[…] and simplify our house even more than before. I started a little earlier this year with lots of decorating projects under my belt and I have to admit that I’ve felt overwhelmed with trying to get it all done. […]

Love the minimalistic and clean design, plus all that light. This is lovely and inviting. White color is one of my favorites.

I really love the simple, and bright look of your new room! It looks so comfortable and welcoming and has a clean, bright feel! That hanging chair is absolutely stunning!

I love the simplicity of this style. Everything is paired perfectly with each other. A cohesive style and design.

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