Feb 10, 2014

Boy’s Shared Room V2

Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog

In my interview over at Design Mom, I talked about wanting to trade rooms with the boys. The master bedroom is a lot bigger than the first bedroom and it just made the most sense for us. So in December of last year, we finally did! Toys still mange to find their way into the shared living space, but not quite as often and it’s nice to be able to walk through the house without tripping every couple of steps. Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog

Since their last room was only shared under heavy supervision, we’ve had to make some changes to make the room more safe for Søren to be able to play and explore on his own:

  • Shelf has become 2 levels instead of 3 due to climbing issues.
  • Bunk bed ladder lost it’s bottom step, will return in a few years.
  • Polar bear rocker is temporarily evacuated until Søren is bigger.
  • Bunk bed reconfigured and pushed up against a wall.
  • All toys cleaned out and sorted to be safe for the near 2 year old.
  • R2D2 is not left unsupervised for long periods of time.
  • Hacked ikea dressers inside closet, closed away when not in use.

At night we baby gate the doorway so that Søren can’t roam the house if he wakes and is quiet, and when I shower I move the baby gate to the master bathroom door so he can play while I get ready and I can hear and see him as well. It sure is a lot easier than trying to lock him into a crib! He also thinks that it’s really cool for him to sleep in the same bed as brother and has been sleeping in his bed alone for the most part for the last couple of months.

Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog Boy's Shared Room on Team Wiking Blog

I don’t have a large wishlist for this room. I feel like it’s complete spare a couple of DIY pillow projects that I want to do, but there are a few little changes I’d love to make:

Boy's Shared Room Wishlist on Team Wiking Blog

lisel fish cushion / höjdare basket / vintage illuminated marquee letters / alseda footstool

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Such a gorgeous room!
We also gave the master bedroom to the kids in our last apartment as it just makes so much more sense for them to have the extra space. It definitely made a difference to the amount of toys spread around the rest of the apartment – although our lounge room still always looked like a Lego bomb had gone off!
In our current apartment we’ve switched back but only because we have another baby on the way who will be sharing my husband and I for quite some time so we need the extra space for her crib.
With the move into our current apartment we also got bunk beds for our girls (ages 7 and 3). Such a space saver! I have been a little concerned about our 3 year old climbing up to the top bunk but so far she hasn’t fallen – fingers crossed. Maybe we should remove the bottom step of the ladder too. Such a good idea.
Oh, and I think we have the exact same collection of “This is” books on display! Aren’t they the best?!

Okay, this room is just magical! I love every detail, down to the book shelf! 🙂
xo TJ


This is such a cool space! I love how you’ve tailored the room and furniture to be both kid-friendly/functional and beautiful!

Thanks! The last few years I have tried really hard to not bring anything into the house that wasn’t both beautiful AND functional. It’s really hard to stick to my guns sometimes because kids just invite clutter, but so far it seems to be working.

what a beautiful room, bunk beds are so cool!
I also love the globe lamp on the bed side table, not pictured here but in the old room post, may I ask where is it from?


The globe lamp was from mod cloth but it’s now available at Urban Outfitters (Here: http://bit.ly/1jrbEQ8 ). It was removed due to a toddler who loves “balls”. I’d imagine it will end up in our room or go back in theirs when Søren understand “hot” and “fragile” better.

haha makes a lot of sense! thanks for your response Jessica 😉

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