Apr 05, 2016

Ikea Användbar Collection

Ikea Användbar Collection

I stumbled across this collection while browsing Ikea’s website awhile back, and knew almost immediately it was something I want to share. Ikea has always been on my mind for good design, and affordable home furnishing and decor.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve started to buy more pieces for our home that are an investment, something that will last a long time. This means I’ve looked for items that are of good quality, like made from solid wood. Sometimes it’s been hard on the budget to replace items like this and I’ve always loved the solid wood pieces from Ikea because they are a little higher quality, but still affordable.

In the past, Ikea has faced some scrutiny for infringements from the Forest Stewardship Council, but overall they’ve moved in a direction of more sustainable living from selling only LED lightbulbs, to sourcing cotton from low-water sources, to their Användbar Collection.

About the Collection:

For you and the home you live in. Saving water. Saving energy. Sorting waste. Doing little things when and where you can. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it makes a difference.
ANVÄNDBAR is a new collection that lets your everyday make a greener lifestyle in the home not only easy, but enjoyable.
The collection features natural, basic products made of natural, basic materials. For your daily life at home.

Ikea Användbar Collection

“Through our People & Planet Positive strategy, we want to make IKEA completely sustainable. I’m proud to say that we’re making good progress in transforming the supply of key materials, with over ¾ of our cotton and 41% of our wood now from more sustainable sources, and we’re investing in renewable energy to bring us closer to our goal of being energy independent. And by making energy- efficient LED affordable and attractive, we’ve enabled millions of people to live a little more sustainably.”
Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA Group.

All images copyright Ikea.

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Love!!! This collection looks so cool!


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