A Favorite Travel Tote

Favorite totes for travel, no matter where you're going.

One thing I always bring with me when I travel is my trusty travel tote. I have a couple that I rotate, and love for different reasons, so today I’ve rounded up a few travel totes that caught my eye for one reason or other. So without further ado, here they are:

1. Clare V. Matilda Convertible Bag
Although this bag is light in color, the lining is a durable chambray and the straps can be positioned as a backpack or tote.

2. Street Level Reversible Tote & Wristlet
I have this tote and have used it on a couple of trips. It fits everything, and I love that it’s reversible. I do wish it had some sort of better organization inside of it, but that wouldn’t make it easily reversible.

3. Matt & Nat Rio Buff
Has large pockets in the front and back and the shoulder strap is removable. Has a padded 13″ laptop compartment to seal the deal.

4. Street Level Reversible Pocket Tote
Another great bag from Street Level, this bag is faux leather and includes an outside (or inside) pocket for easy organizing.

5. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote
This stylish and lux tote has been on my wish list for quite some time. It has a small interior compartment to help keep everything in order and it’s simple design is very versatile in nature.

6. Cuyana Classic Leather Zipper Tote

All the benefits of the open top tote above, with the wonderful bonus of a zipper! I had a bag fall over once on the train in Chicago and spill everywhere. It wasn’t as bad as it could be, but a zipper would have been wonderful.

7. Everlane Petra Market Tote
This beautiful tote in a deep blue hue is large and has a soft suede lining. It also has a couple of pockets inside to help keep everything organized.

8. Street Level Faux Leather Tassel Tote
This stylish tote has a little edge and can be worn over the shoulder or easily carried alongside you. Has a hidden magnetic snap closure with interior wall and phone pockets.

9. Street Level Pocket Tote
I love the easy-to-access exterior pocket on this tote, and the simple design. Has a hidden magnetic closure to help keep anything from escaping.

Do you have any favorite travel totes? What do you look for in a travel bag?

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Responses to “A Favorite Travel Tote”

  1. […] and this one has gone almost everywhere with me since I got it. In retrospect, I might have liked a tote […]

  2. I like the Cuyana Classic Leather Tote best. I always prefer a handbag with a wide mouth, so that I can easily get things, such as my planner and current reading material, in it.

  3. Ohhh, I seriously love all of these! I am right there with you – a trusty travel tote is absolutely necessary when traveling! xo

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