Packing for a 12 Hour Trip

Packing for a 12 hour trip. What I packed for 12 hours in Los Angeles, California

I have to admit, this takes the cake for my weirdest packing experience. Awhile back my husband and I flew to Los Angeles for all of a 12 hour trip. I didn’t take luggage, but I did take a few things to get me by on the plane and throughout the day. Here’s the breakdown:

Coach Swagger Carryall Purse
I took my normal day-to-day purse. I’m not much of a ‘purse girl’ and this one has gone almost everywhere with me since I got it. In retrospect, I might have liked a tote instead.

Canon 5DMKIII with Canon 35MM F/1.4L Lens
I don’t travel without my ‘big camera’, even if it is a little cumbersome at times.

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo
This was my current read and I’ve since finished reading it. I like that it’s not huge and that it doesn’t take intense focus to read.

Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Conditioner & Mineral Fusion Inpsire LipSheer
These are my go-to lip products, whether I want just a quick gloss, or a little color.

Pencil & Pen
I don’t leave home without at least one or two writing utensils, you never know when you are going to need them. I usually use my phone for notes, but forget them later. Plus, what if it does?

These are a definite no-brainer, but very much a necessary addition.

Herban Essentials Lemon Towelette
These are so easy to slip into your purse and carry around for just the right time. I like that unlike a bottle of hand sanitizer they don’t require a liquids bag, and you can use them to wipe down surfaces as well.

iPhone 6 Charger & Goldie Cable Keep
This ridiculous fish shaped guy has kept my cord in great shape. You simply wrap the cord around it’s tail and hold it in place with the built in cutouts. I leave this charger in our kitchen for when we need it, and it’s easy to unplug and go whenever I feel like I might need help on the go.

Extra Memory Card & Battery
You never know when you will need one of these. I always take one with me when I travel or am photographing anything important.

bkr Water Bottle
I use this water bottle on a daily basis and love how it fits into my purse (and car cupholders) perfect.

Business Cards
I always carry these with me as well, you never know who you are going to meet!

Hair Ties & Bobby Pins
I normally have a few of these floating around in my purse anyway, but usually bring one or two extra when I travel. I love the coiled bands because they don’t set off the metal detectors.

Michael Kors Travel Wallet
This has been my go-to wallet for a number of years now. It is large enough to hold my boarding passes and other documents, and even my cell phone if I’d like. If I had to replace it, I’d absolutely go for the Cuyana travel wallet for so many reasons, but mostly for size, style, and functionality.

Have you ever been on a 12 hour trip? Did you pack anything special?

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