An Ikea Closet Makeover Before & After

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[dropcap2_large]I[/dropcap2_large]t’s been awhile since we moved and one of the biggest pain points for me has been the dated closet organization system in both bedrooms. Luckily Ikea reached out about a partnership and I knew exactly which place in our house I wanted to update. Our master bedroom has been working just okay for us but I knew it could be better streamlined. Today I’m sharing with you the before and after of our Ikea closet update.

The closet before

On the left side of the closet are storage shelves with a weird swing out separate set of storage shelves.  Maybe they worked well for the person who lived here before us, but the swing out section is nearly unusable with any furniture outside of the closet door. This means that we have to try to slide our dresser out of the way to access this side of the closet. To the right side of the closet are two bars, and a slightly low-hanging upper bar to the right.

During the makeover

I settled on the Ikea Elvarli post-unit system and did all of the interior closet measurements as best as I could. I used the helpful online planner to plan out my dream closet. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to store on the bottom shelves, so I chose shelves instead of shoe racks.

An Ikea Closet Makeover Before & After

After we received and confirmed that we had all of the pieces we needed, we demolished our existing closet interior. I took time to fill holes and paint properly. Because the ceiling was slanted, we had to install level beams to attach the Elvarli system to. That and working in such a tight space was the hardest part of installation.

The closet after

The closet has been working great for us! We each have our own side now and have been working on the best way to organize everything we needed before. Because we live in a small space our closet also doubles as storage for our office supplies and equipment so I use some attractive boxes with lids to hide it away.

Have you customized your closet? How do you like it now?

I’ve been a long time fan and customer so I’m really excited to have partnered with Ikea USA on this post. All thoughts, opinions, and images are my own.

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