Jul 05, 2016

Inspiration for an Outdoor Space

Outdoor space inspiration for entertaining.

Summer has been in full swing here and after the beach picnic last month I’m dying to finally finish our yards up and host an outdoor get together. I’ve had an outdoor inspiration board going on my pinterest page for quite some time hoping to finally come a decision about our yards (front yard, courtyard, sideyard, backyard) and I think I’ve finally come across some inspiration for an outdoor space that I like and am going to run with it. Here’s the messy and unfinished before:

Outdoor space before sprucing up. Outdoor space before sprucing up.

Eek! It’s a mess and the lighting isn’t perfect. We’ve used the space up until now for all sorts of things but nothing has really pulled it together well and been multi-functional.

And here’s some wonderful inspiration for our new space:

More on my board:

Project List:

1. Grid Pavers
I want to add pavers in the side yard in a grid pattern, then allow some greenery to grow in between them. This will make the space both functional for entertaining, and a semi soft (yet low water) open space area for the kids to play. First I’ll need to remove a few plants that have been hanging out in the way for some time (Ahem, fig tree that never really makes good figs!)

2. Plantscaping
I have so many random plants in different pots and containers. I want to arrange them all so they look nice. I’m especially in love with a mix of succulents and tropical plants. While some tropical plants require a lot of water, others that are well established seem to do fine with less. It would be nice to mix in a lot of edible plants as well. We have some citrus and herbs already so I’d love to add to that.

3. Decorating
The finishing touches will be to refine our outdoor furniture and decor to be the best use for our space. Right now we have the table and chairs for dining al fresco, and a couple of lounge chairs for hanging out in. We also have a hanging chair in the backyard. For the kids we have a sandbox and for me there is a garden area. World Market is having a sale on outdoor stuff right now too, so tempting!


Do you have an outdoor space? How do you use it? Do you have any suggestions for my yard?


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ahhh love decorating outdoor spaces!!

SO many beautiful inspiration photos! I especially love the idea of potted plants with different planters!

Fizz and Frosting

I do think plantscaping is a big part of making a space feel more like home. Plants tie a lot of things together, so I can see the addition being a great one. Love this inspirational post, and I now want to redesign my house thanks to the sleek and clean look of all these shots! xx Adaleta Avdic

This is great motivation for me to get in gear to spruce up my patio!!! Love them all!

I love all of these inspirations! I wish I had an outdoor space to try to make something likes these!

Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

Love the inspiration for these outdoor spaces! They’re all so gorgeous! XO

Anna || A Lily Love Affair

Thanks, Anna! Hopefully I can do my favorite parts of them some justice.

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