Oct 26, 2020

Last Minute Halloween Costumes From my Minimal Closet

[dropcap2_large]O[/dropcap2_large]ver time I’ve shared many high fashion Halloween looks, something I define as a costume you can pull together from your current closet without making a new purchase. Sometimes you need a prop here or there (usually easy to borrow), but for the most part, the majority of the costume should come from your current wardrobe. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite last minute halloween costumes from my own minimal closet.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes From my Minimal Closet

Have you figured out who we are yet? My friend Elisabeth and I thought it would be fun to dress up as our favorite characters from Schitt’s Creek. I’m David Rose and she’s Moira Rose. From head to toe, I’m wearing a black wig borrowed from Elisabeth, a black sweater borrowed from my older son Aiden (I have one of my own but wanted a more oversized look), a white button down, my black leather pants, and white Veja shoes. I used black mascara to enhance my eyebrows along with liquid eyeliner to add brush strokes to them and draw on my fake stubble.

Shop my David Rose Halloween Costume look:

More Halloween Looks from my Minimal Closet

Moon Goddess:

Mixed with some ethereal curly or wavy hair and some lighter or glowing makeup and you’re good to go.

Arctic Explorer:

Throw in a scarf (depending on the weather) or a backpack. I’d imagine this to have some sort of aluminum foil ice axe prop to complete the look.

Modern Day Witch

So the hat isn’t that pointy, but if you cover a regular book with a DIY cover that says “spells” and make a wand out of a stick it should drive the point home.

Jewel Theif

I’ve done this in the past and wore every item of jewelry I owned to really drive it home. Bonus points if you have a black mask or draw one on with makeup.

Morticia Addams

Fashion a long black robe into a wrap dress and most of the work is done. Add red lipstick and a red rose and you’re good to go.

Which one is your favorite? What are you going to dress up as this year?

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Jessica! I’m obsessed with your David Rose look! We recently finished watching Schitt’s Creek, and we absolutely loved it! Easily added the show to our favorites of all time!

Thank you! He’s my favorite, and the show is so great.

The modern day witch look would rock for me!

Yay! Maybe next year. 🙂

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