5 Tips to Live With Lego

If you’re a parent and your kids are into Lego, you might think the only solution to keeping them out from under your feet is to just not have them. As a mom of two boys, my house is filled with Lego. It’s one of our favorite toys because it’s open ended, durable, and lasts for many years. Today I’m sharing with you my best tips to organize Lego so that you can stay sane.

  1. Sort or no sort?

    Decide if you are a sort or no sort family. We don’t sort and I don’t advocate for it because my kids don’t prefer it and I don’t have the patience to sort for them. Part of the joy of Lego for them is the hunt for just the right piece. They team up and ask each other to borrow pieces, too. If you’d like to sort them, the smartest method is sorting them by shape and height. It will help when they are looking for a certain piece.

  2. Large flat storage areas are your best friend.

    They require less digging and dumping to find what you’re looking for. We prefer under-bed bins. Ours are Vardo from Ikea. I have tried so many other options, even a ‘self sorting‘ Lego storage system that really didn’t hold enough Lego to make it useful.

  3. Contain them during play.

    Trays. Work. Wonders. Each of my kids have one that they use both to build their sets, and to use as a place to keep the Lego that they are working with on their floor (so they’re not scattered all around the carpet). It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a cookie sheet will do. You can even use a fitted sheet as a play mat to easily dump them back into the bin when they are done. A bag that opens into a play mat with a drawstring like this is helpful for smaller collections.

  4. Display them proudly.

    Give your little ones a space to display their creations proudly. They will be more likely to keep them together if they have a safe space to store them. Favorite Lego creations look great tucked into bookshelves and displayed proudly. If sets don’t stay together easily, you can always find new ways to combine them on the Rebrickable website.

  5. Wear slippers.

    Your feet will thank you when you happen to step on an unexpected Lego land mine in the carpet. I love these fuzzy slippers from Jenni Kayne.

At the end of their lifetime, Lego will give you a free shipping label via their RePlay Program to gift your well-loved Lego to children who will continue enjoy them just as you and yours did.

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How do you store Lego? Any tips to add?
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