Oct 30, 2020

What to Wear for Family Photos

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[dropcap2_large]I[/dropcap2_large]n the decade I spent as a professional photographer, one of the questions from my clients asked the most was what to wear for family photos. Today I’m sharing some of my most helpful tips and a few outfits for the whole family.

Family Photo Outfit Tips

  1. Don’t match every outfit head-to-toe.

    But if you have to match, match bottoms instead of tops. I try to keep pants the same color so there is some uniformity. You can vary styles by including dresses for girls and pants for boys.

  2. Keep it simple.

    Choose one person to wear a clean print, such as a plaid or stripes. Base your colors around that with solids and texture that is not too distracting. In our family photos my husband wore a printed shirt that I used for our color palette. My sweater has a texture but it is smaller scale than the print and does not detract from it.

  3. Be wary of the weather and location.

    Dress for the weather! Most family photo sessions happen during the fall when temperatures are cooler. You can add layers under dresses and short sleeves such as thermal tops and leggings to help keep kids warm. If it’s really cold you can wear a jacket over your clothing and only remove it when you are actively in photos. Keep in mind how casual or formal your location is. You probably wouldn’t wear high heels on a park trail but you might outside of a nice building.

  4. Accessories are fun.

    Fun and personalized accessories can help someone feel like they matter in a photo. If you have a little one who loves hats, those are perfect to add flair to the photo. Other accessories include scarves, bags, jewelry, jackets, etc.

  5. Be comfortable, relax, and be yourself!

    Outfits should be comfortable and fit properly so everyone feels like they can be themselves. Shoes do not have to be perfect to make the general vibe of a photo nice, and every hair does not have to be in its place. Photos are better when they reflect a little bit of real life.

Our Family Photo Outfits

What to Wear for Family Photos

Teen: H&M Black sweater, American Eagle washed black denim, Adidas shoes.

Dad: H&M Plaid shirt, Everlane black denim, and Nike shoes.

Mom: Everlane Cashmere Sweater, Everlane split back pants, Everlane 90’s loafers.

Kid: Rylee + Cru Utility Jumpsuit in Caramel (similar color jacket), Long sleeve black tee, and Adidas shoes.

Photos by Cue The Light.

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