Oct 21, 2021

Last Minute Minimal Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and though I appreciate so much of the seasonal decor that makes it great, I love to keep it spooky year round. In true minimal fashion, I also like to pull ideas for costumes from my own minimal closet. Over the years I’ve shared some Halloween costume ideas from my closet, costume ideas from any basic closet, and tons of high fashion Halloween ideas before that. Today I’m sharing with you last minute Halloween costumes inspired by a minimal closet.

Modern Day Vampire Costume

A vampire Halloween costume is one of the easiest to throw together because most of the look is in makeup. Be sure the eyes and lips are dark and smoky and if you’re short on teeth (or photoshop like I did above, haha), you can use white eye or lip pencil to draw the illusion that your upper teeth are sticking out when your lips are closed.

Marathon Runner Costume

Though clearly my medal says half marathon, no one really cares on Halloween. All you need for this is some workout gear, a piece of paper with a number printed or drawn on it, and a medal of any sort. Extra credit for some sweatbands if you’ve got them.

More minimal Halloween costumes:

Floral Fairy Costume:

Focus on the details for this one, and bonus points if you have socks like these or are able to embellish a pair of fishnet tights similar to this. You can easily make your own floral crown with a headband and ribbon. Wings can be made from the scarf by tying it to the back straps of your dress or sports bra and then looping the upper corners through rings(or rubber bands?) on your fingers. When you lift your arms it should as though you have wings. Makeup should be light, bright, and sparkly. I’d focus on lots of highlighter and pastel colors if you have them.

Black Cat Costume

Always an easy go-to, anything form fitting and black. If you don’t have cat ears, make some by cutting out two diamond shapes of black paper (or coloring any piece of paper black) and folding them around a headband or pinning them onto your hair. You can even turn this into a cat woman look by adding or drawing on a black eye mask, and wearing a utilitarian-looking belt bag. The press-on nails look like claws, but you can also paint your own with a darker polish that instead of following the natural shape of your nail, comes to a point at the end like a triangle.

Cowgirl Costume

Saddle up! Another easy look as long as you have a hat, scarf or hanker-chief, and boots. If you’ve got a piece of rope you can even roll it up and clip it to your belt for extra effort.

Carmen Sandiego

Where in the world will you find this costume? Easy! And you can rewear all of the pieces for the fall season.

Space Girl

From another planet, an out of this world metallic look perfect for roaming around another world. Silver is the one “color” I like to use as a pop of fun in my wardrobe, so I actually am contemplating this for this year. I’ll put my hair in space buns and add some silver accents to my face. I don’t have moon boots, but I suspect I’ll be fine without them.

Wildlife Photographer

A super easy halloween costume that works if you have a camera handy. You could even print out a few wildlife photos to “show off your work”.

Men in Black Costume

Another on the idea board for this year since I have most everything it will take to complete the look. I’ll borrow a tie from my husband’s closet and can print up a “MIB” badge for myself.

Vintage Pilot

A journey back in time with vintage aviator styling that could easily be pieced together with items from this year. If you don’t want to shell out for an aviator cap (to be honest, I wouldn’t but I’m not trying to win any contests), I’d wear a beanie with it to complete the look.

What is your go-to easy costume for Halloween?
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The vampire is my daily look! Great ideas 🙂

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