London with Mary from Sportsanista

Multi-colored houses in Notting Hill, London, England


I’ve always wanted to visit London, and who wouldn’t? These photos are so stunning! I think I’d do a lot of people watching if I went, and walking around the town. Today I have Mary Krosnjar from Sportsanista who visits London quite frequently for her job. You can check out her posts about London here.

Can you share a little bit about yourself?

I currently work for a sport marketing agency in Chicago helping manage the partnership between Aon and Manchester United – English Premier League team. I work in the Sport industry by day and blog by night – my blog was a way for me to fuse my passion for both industries.

Mary from Sportsanista
Copyright Mary Krosnjar from Sportsanista

When did you visit London?

Yes, I have. I’m fortunate enough to travel to UK for work quite a bit. My last trip to London was in October 2014.

What was your favorite thing to do there? If you haven’t been there, what would you wish to do there?

I love walking around and experiencing the different neighborhoods as they are all so unique – just like the boroughs of New York City. Each one has its own personality and character. And, you cant leave London without a little shopping – Shoreditch is a great place to shop for vintage pieces.

The last time I visited London, my boyfriend and I went to St. Johns Wood and visited Abbey Road. We took the same picture from the Beatles cover – it was worth the 30 minute train ride.

What 5 items would you recommend to pack for a trip to London?

1. A trench coat – In London the weather is unpredictable. It’s always good to have a classic trench on hand – it’s the fastest way to fit in!

2. Booties in black and taupe – London isn’t a city where people wear a lot of color.

3. Leather legging – they are easy to pack and travel with, and make for a chic pant when sightseeing!

4. Cross-body bag – I love being able to pack my camera in my purse so it’s important to have a purse that can fit it!

5. Poncho / Cape – they make for a great layering piece when out around the town or when traveling!

Mary from Sportsanista
Copyright Mary Krosnjar from Sportsanista

Can you share one last tip for anyone who would like to visit?

Make the most of your trip by planning an itinerary of place you want see and visit. London is a large and very spread out city that requires a number of taxi and tube rides. Concentrate your focus one a certain are each day so you don’t waste time getting around town. Oh and exchange your cash at your local bank – less fees and you’ll get a better rate.

Thank you so much to Mary from Sportsanista for sharing some of her insight about Alaska with us. If you’d like to learn more about her you can follow along via her blog, and on instagram as @mksportsanista.

Part of the reason why I love my packing posts so much is the community that they inspire. I love getting feedback and input from people all over the world about various destinations. Every week I will feature a fellow stylish traveler. Do you know someone who should be featured? Let me know!

Have you been to London? Do you have any recommendations for visitors?

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Responses to “London with Mary from Sportsanista”

  1. I absolutely adore Mary! Is she not the sweetest, most down-to-earth gal? And such a great capture of London! XO


  2. What a fun post! London is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!
    That window pane outfit is seriously gorgeous on Mary!!
    CS Gems

  3. I would live to visit London. I would want to plan out my days as suggested, but my husband is more of a minute by minute kinda guy. It’s frustrating! Maybe I should l leave him at home!

  4. Thank you lady! It was lovely working with ya 🙂

  5. Love these photos and all of Mary’s super chic looks. I love London. I haven’t been since 2011, but I hop to go back someday! This post is definitely making me miss it.

    Cameron Proffitt

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