Aug 07, 2014

Mariannes Ice Cream

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We stood inside the house, uncomfortable and sweaty while watching the heat radiate off the sidewalk. The air is so thick and heavy that it reminds me of a trip we took to Florida. This weather is not normal for where we live and I couldn’t stand it any longer so we loaded into the car, on our way to Santa Cruz for some good old fashioned Mariannes Ice Cream. Aiden chose a chocolate cone and I had to fight Søren for bites of a scoop of peach that we were meant to share. It made for a nice little field trip to escape the heat and the ice cream there is always delicious.

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Looks like a charming place!

That ice cream looks super yummy! I have never been to Santa Cruz but hope to travel there this year!

ice cream on a hot day is just the epitome of summer! looks like you guys had a fun little outing!!

I love ice cream. At the grocery store today I spent a good 10 minutes deciding on which I “needed” 🙂

mmmmm peach iced cream! Beautiful pics as always 😀

I love these photos! This ice cream shop is absolutely adorable and makes for the perfect backdrop!

I love ice cream, peachy flavour comes close to my fun favourites: vanilla, strawberr and all other berry flavours

ooh i want some!! 🙂 is this your go-to in santa cruz?

Yes, always! Especially after a beach trip. They have another smaller location too.

Aww, I’ve been to Mariannes when I lived in Santa Cruz! Sooo yummy! Love the photos of the boys! They’re so handsome!

These treats look delish!

These pictures are so stunning! And I love that little ice cream shop – so cute!

I don’t blame you for hitting up the ice cream shop! It looks like you all had a great time there!

Gorgeous photos! Who doesn’t love ice cream?! It’s such a small event, but it always is memorable! I still remember all the trips to have ice cream! <3

I love how you told a sweet story through these pictures. We don’t have any stellar ice cream places where I live. Maybe one day I’ll open one?

Just kidding.

Then I’d have to share.

Ok so I’m now having craving cravings for ice cream…yum!

I remember having ice cream here on our Road Trip in 2011, when we visited CA for the first time. Our motel was just across the street and I was craving something sweet. 🙂

Ohhh ice cream… I do miss out on it by being vegan but thank god for the dairy free alternatives!! I just wish ice cream shops had them so that I could enjoy going out to get ice cream :/

Oh and you take such amazing pictures!!

Oh, I love it! Definitely one good thing about hot days… ice cream dates! 🙂

That ice cream looks delicious! Really cute pictures.

I am madly in love with the hats!!

Look like a such lovely lovely place to be!

Katrina Sophia

I adore old-fashioned ice cream shops! They always remind me trips I used to take with the family to southern Iowa, where everything was old, but well-kept, and of course, full of great memories. Those hats, by the way, freaking precious!

Going out for ice cream is one of my favorite things ever! Your pictures are so fun.

That peach ice cream looks wonderful. I live in southern california and it has been SO muggy and hot this summer I am literally living at the pool daily! (At least were kinda tan this year!) My son is not the best with sharing anything sweet. its always a fight. LOL

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