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Oasis Collections

miami-manor-1 miami-manor-2 miami-manor-3
Miami, USA / The Miami Manor
8 Bedrooms, located on a private island.

costa-rica-casa-paradise-1 costa-rica-casa-paradise-2 costa-rica-casa-paradise-3
Costa Rica / Casa Paradise 
5 Bedrooms, 75 foot long infinity pool.

rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-1 rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-2 rio-de-janeiro-casa-boa-vista-3
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil / Casa Boa Vista
3 Bedrooms, Sweeping views of Rio De Janeiro.

florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-1 florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-2 florianopolis-special-emerald-villa-3
Florianópolis, Brazil – Special Emerald Villa
Seamless indoor/outdoor space. Breathtaking views.

medellin-wooden-medellin-1 medellin-wooden-medellin-2 medellin-wooden-medellin-3
Medellín, Colombia / Wooden Medellín
Loft style with a great sense of space and light.

I know that my Wanderlust posts are usually about a single location, but today I’d like to introduce you to a Oasis Collections, a company that merges luxury hotel-like service with vacation rental privacy. I always think about booking a vacation rental, but sometimes it’s nice to have convenient extras usually only found in hotels. I spent hours browsing their website and have narrowed my favorites down to the above dreamy locations.

I really love all of these for different reasons, but I think my favorite is the Florianópolis in Brazil. The bath tub and view alone are making me dream of a getaway.

Which one is your favorite?

All images are copyright Oasis Collections.

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  1. I cannot stand these pictures! I have been road tripping a lot lately, but it’s definitely time to get a little bit more luxurious.

  2. These are all amazing. I am not sure I could pick one over the other!

  3. Such beautiful pictures. My husband and I haven’t got a vacay this year, so these pics are really making me miss the beach lol.

  4. Those first few photos are in Miami?! Man, I need to book me a flight to Florida. But it’s probably the palm trees luring me in, overlooking the swimming pool. That night time photo is gorgeous and I want to hop into one of those circle chairs and chill out in them.

    1. Oh you’d LOVE Florida. There are palm trees everywhere. But don’t go now, it’s hurricane season.

  5. WOW. These places are truly stunning. I have to agree about that bath tub. Can you imagine, after a really hard day at the pool side, coming back to soak in the tub with a glass of wine and just a few candles in the room. Total bliss. Just incredible. I don’t think I’d want to know the price though…!

    Katie <3

  6. I MUST have that bathtub with the view in Brazil…breathtaking. I am daydreaming now instead of working! Thank you 🙂

  7. i love the costa rica one for the pool, and brazil for the architecture style! =)

  8. I’m torn on this. I love them all but I’m leaning towards Miami because “Private Island” sounds so fancy! Total wanderlust!

  9. I will have to say WOW for ALL and I don’t have a fave! If I can go to any of them, I will be extremely happy and relaxed.

    Thrifting Diva

  10. Oh yeah. I’d take any of these houses. I’m not picky 🙂

  11. Oh wow, how picturesque! I would love having an extra house like this somewhere gorgeous! <3

  12. These look AMAZING! I would die of happiness if I could ever stay at a place like this, haha!

  13. I would come across this post as I’m avoiding work and pretending that researching a fall vacation spot counts as being productive. LOVE these.

  14. After seeing this I want to be on my honeymoon right now. THis looks like heaven!

  15. All of those places are beautiful! Rio De Janeiro, Brazil has my vote!!

  16. I think my brain finally broke down because I am in need of a vacation and the places you shared are just so beautiful I want to jump into the pictures

  17. So awesome! Someday…{sigh}, but for now at least I get to see awesome pictures of dream destinations/vacations!

  18. Holy, wow. I want to be in all of those places right now. Simply stunning!

  19. Yeah I’ll take any of those places. Any of them.

  20. These images are so inspirational! Makes me want to go on vacation right now!

  21. I love this collection! The oasis’ look absolutely wonderful! Now for some new additions to my bucket list!

  22. Wow, these vacation rentals are gorgeous! I would love to stay in any of these.

  23. Sheer perfection. Every single one. You make me more wanderlust all the time.

  24. i love either of the ones in brazil!! i just love coastal views in general. how awesome would it be to take a bath and stare out into the ocean.

  25. Okay… I need to be at like, all of these places at once! HAHA! EHUM anyone want to sponsor us bloggers for a vacay? 🙂

  26. Miami Manor looks amazing, I want to go there right now 🙂

  27. Oh my, myyyy!!!

  28. These pictures look so dreamy! Makes me yearn for a vacation asap!