May 02, 2020

A Metallic Negative Space Manicure

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[dropcap2_large]F[/dropcap2_large]or as long as I can remember, I’ve loved painting my own nails. Although a manicure feels wonderful, I don’t like taking time out of my schedule to go to the salon. Over time I’ve changed up my favorite colors, but for the last ten years I’ve had the same handful colors. Today I’m sharing with you a metallic negative space manicure that is fairly quick and easy to do.

Base Coat – I love Smith & Cult in Basis of Everything as my base but any base coat will do.
Metallic Color – The metallic silver color I used is Priti NYC in Old Man Cactus. It is Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde Free.
Top Coat – I love the Smith & Cult in Above it All. It is 8-free and dries pretty quickly.
Washi Tape – I buy this big pack of MT washi tape for the kids art collection and keep a few of my favorites in my desk. Painters tape or masking tape would probably work just as well.
Scissors – Any will do, I snagged my favorite scissors from my desk.


  1. Start with a clean filed and buffed nail. I like to go over mine with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol about 10 minutes beforehand to be sure they are as oil free as possible.
  2. Cut 20 1″ long pieces of washi tape.
  3. Paint 1-2 layers of base coat on your nails and let dry thoroughly.
  4. Using the washi tape and starting on the left pinkie finger, start taping off the top half and bottom of each nail, 2 nails at a time. Use your fingernail or a tool to be sure the tape is as far into the side of your nail bed as possible so no polish escapes.
  5. Using the rest of the washi tape and starting on the left pinkie finger, tape each nail vertically at the middle mark, switching sides of the nail with every two nails.
  6. The result of the tape should make the “open place” on your nail change in a clockwise pattern when you move one nail to the right.
  7. Paint the open area with 2 coats of the metallic polish and let dry for a few minutes. Remove tape, taking care to not get excess polish anywhere else.
  8. Touch up any escaped spots with either nail polish or remover so the lines are nice and straight.
  9. Add two layers of top coat and let dry completely.
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Very interesting post. I am seeing these nail art first time. This design is also looks good and also very easy. Thank you for suggesting this easy nail art diy.

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