May 20, 2020

My Favorite Summer Sunglasses

Although my favorite pair of sunglasses have seen more than their fair share of trips around the sun, they still remain one of the most frequently commented on items in my wardrobe. I purchased them in October of 2014, my gorgeous Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses in Marmor color with Silver Mirror lenses. They’re a limited color and not easy to find, part of I think what makes people so attracted to them, so much so that sometimes my friends use them as a mirror, ha.

Unfortunately after many years together, I lost them. Last February after a ski trip to Lake Tahoe and checking out of the hotel, I realized my glasses weren’t with me. In addition to my friend and I searching frantically, the hotel was kind enough to have some staff search for them as well. They were nowhere to be found and I had to come to grips with finding a replacement pair. I knew right away that I wanted something similar and that they wouldn’t be easy to find. I ended up finding a pair ver similar to these, and today I’m sharing some of my other finds with you:

More on Poshmark: Illesteva Leonard Matte Dark Horn Sunglasses $130, Illesteva leonard round mirrored sunglasses $90, Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses $120, Illesteva Leonard Mirrored Sunglasses $70, illesteva leonard mirrored sunglasses $90, Illesteva leonard round mirrored sunglasses $90.

Pro Tip: The sunglasses are no longer made in this color, but if you order a similar frame you can also order replacement lenses for around $40 from Illesteva directly.

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