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A Minimal Bohemian Bedroom

A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom.

This post is sponsored by World Market.

A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom.

Our bedroom has been an eyesore for quite sometime, so I’m super excited to share with you a more finished version of our minimal bohemian bedroom. I’ve partnered with World Market again to help give our room the finishing touches, and even share a DIY with you later in this post.

A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom. DIY Bohemian Moroccan Rug Wall Hanging
A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom. A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom.

A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom.

I’ve always wanted to keep our bedroom light and bright and love natural colors. Our space is very small since we’ve added a temporary closet to one side so that we could have our office in our actual closet. I know, it sounds confusing. It is, and I do miss my full size office. For us it was more important that the kids have their own space.

I am a huge plant lover and have no real space for plants in here without it being too cluttered, so I’ve drawn in natural elements with the rug, light shade, and neutral tones. To help the room feel more finished, I’ve created artwork from a moroccan rug that I picked up at World Market (see below for the DIY!) Our bedding is linen and helps give our room a little more of a warm and cozy feeling. I kept the color light so the space doesn’t feel so small.

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DIY Bohemian Moroccan Rug Wall Hanging DIY Bohemian Moroccan Rug Wall Hanging

DIY Moroccan Rug Wall Hanging
I made this wall hanging using a moroccan rug from World Market. I’ve always loved them but was so worried to put one on the floor and have it get dirty. I made this wall hanging so I could incorporate it into my decor without having to worry as much about it being destroyed by kids or pets.



  • Scissors. To trim the suede and remove the tag from the rug.
  • Miter Saw. This is not necessary if the store cuts for you.
  • Measuring tape. To help center your rug on the wood and space nails evenly.
  • Sandpaper. To smooth the edges of your board.
  • Hammer. To hammer the upholstery nails and sawtooth hangers.
  • Drill. To bore holes for the leather straps. Alternatively you could simply tie them around the board instead or simply go without and rely on the sawtooth hangers for the piece.
  • Level. To be sure that I hang it level, although if you have an iPhone, your phone has one too as part of the compass app!
  • Towel. Doesn’t have to be a towel, could be a blanket or anything to help pad your wood as you hammer the upholstery nails in.
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue. This is optional but if you want your bottom wood to sit more flush with the wall it’s recommended.
  • Command wall strips. You can use these to tack the bottom piece of wood to the wall so it’s flush. If it doesn’t bother you it’s not necessary.

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  1. Trim Boards to 42″ length. You can do this yourself with a miter saw or have the hardware store do it. Keep in mind that their saw might be more dull and can fray the edges more when it cuts. Sand the edges down so they look more finished.
  2. Drill vertical holes in the top board. Whichever board you have chosen to be your top will need to have vertical holes drilled in it, approximately 1.5″ from each end. You will want one hole one each end to thread the leather strap through. Alternatively you could just tie the leather strap around each end.
  3. Attach the Rug using the upholstery tacks. I laid a towel down on my floor so I could really center the board and hammer away. Place the rug on the board by about 2 inches, then simply hammer a tack in each end to hold it in place. I measured roughly 4″ spacing between the rest of my tacks so that they were nice and even. Do the same to the bottom board.
  4. Attach the sawtooth hangers to the back of the top board. Turn the rug over and attach the sawtooth hangers to the back of the top board. I attached one one each end so it will have two places to hang on the wall and support the weight.
  5. Thread your leather cording through. the top of the board and use a double overhand knot to secure it at each end. I pulled mine through and tight since I knew it would stretch when I hung it anyway.
  6. Apply hot glue to the seams. On the back of the rug, between the rug and wood, apply hot glue to hold the wood more flush with the rug so that when you hang it up, it hangs more flush with the wall.
  7. Hang and enjoy! Now is time to hang your rug using the sawtooth pieces and drywall anchors or screws into a stud. I also went an extra step and used command strips to hold my bottom board parallel with the wall.

A modern and minimal bohemian bedroom.

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Are you happy with your bedroom decor? How would you change it?

This post was sponsored by World Market, a place I’ve loved and shopped at for years. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for helping to support the sponsors that make life here a little sweeter.

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  1. This post turned out so beautifully and I feel like that’s such an easy and lovely DIY! Thanks!

  2. I really love that wall hanging! I am not sure if I could do such a minimal bedroom. I have way too much stuff and not enough space. I am trying to declutter though.

  3. This is just so calming! I love all the neutral colors. I like bright pops of color too, but this seems so soothing for the bedroom. Just perfect.

  4. I love this! such a peaceful room.

  5. So pretty! My bedroom has been pretty untouched since we moved in four years ago. Typing four years makes it sounds even more awful that it’s been so long. Time to steal this look.

  6. I love the design of your bedroom! It has clean and simple lines and looks so light and refreshing! I love the Bohemian Wall Hanging. What a great idea.

  7. Your bedroom looks lovely! Ours could use a redo but won’t get one anytime soon. We stay with darker colors in there since we have pets.

  8. i love the wall hanging- it turned out great!!

  9. I love this minimalistic bedroom decor. All the light colors and whites make the room so bright and airy. Beautiful!

  10. I like the minimalist look of the bedroom here. It looks warm and inviting.

  11. I love the hanging wall rug!