Mountain Ski Chalet

Mountain Ski Chalet Inspired Kids Goods

1. Shirley Sheep Rug / 2. Heart Baby Snowsuit / 3. Snow Smile Shopper Bag / 4. Just Fur You Blanket / 5. Slalom Print Tee / 6. Rocking Sheep / 7. Suisse Fashion Bean Bag / 8. Great White North Sheet Set / 9. Technica Moon Boots

Since we didn’t spend a lot of time in the snow we probably won’t search for a keepsake for it, but I thought these items were adorable for the little ones. I’m especially lusting after that beautiful sheep rocker.

Pack for 10 Days in Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

Which items are your favorite?

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Responses to “Mountain Ski Chalet”

  1. Ooooh that fur blanket + hat (#4) = awesome.

  2. Jennifer

    That little sheep rug is so adorable, and it looks so soft too.

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