Dec 31, 2021

Musings from 2021

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2021, what a year. Although for some people it was better than last, it was about the same for me. I’d love to be able to share something more positive but there were many lows. If I’m looking for a silver lining, it’s that I have been able to continue to be supportive for my loved ones and that I’ve begun to start to find some answers for my own health.

In the future of this space, I hope to be able to create more content. I love longer form content like blog posts instead of social media. It feels more personal somehow, like a journal. When I first began blogging 22 years ago blogs were more of an online journal. The community was so close knit– and to this day I still talk to so many people I met way back when.

As far as partnerships, I intentionally began taking on less over the years because I only aim to work with brands that I feel I would personally seek out and shop at. I aim to be intentional with most of my choices in life when I’m permitted to do so. I hope to share more of that here as my most popular content is still my Minimal Closet and Travel Light categories. In the very near future I’ll be sharing more personal ways for me to help you with yours as well, I can’t wait.

I hope everyone has time to reflect on the last year and am hopeful that 2022 will be better than 2021. Until then, stay safe and happy new year!

xo, jessica

Happy New Year! I’m so glad to hear you’re hoping to return to long form content – I’ve had to remove so many bookmarks from my “blogs” tab because they’ve been abandoned. I hope we are approaching a blog renaissance of sorts.

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