Jan 03, 2022

Gloss & Matte Black on Black Mani

A new subtle mani for the new year, gloss and matte black. I recently picked up some matte black polish and wanted to play on texture a little. I love the subtle difference that really shows when the light hits it and I think it perfectly plays off the feeling of transition to the new year. It’s a nice subtle look with just the right of detail.

To achieve this look:

  1. Add a coat of your favorite base coat, mine is by Get Ready by Cirque Colors.
  2. Add a single or double coat of black or dark polish. You could also do this with a lighter color but I think the darker ones look best. My favorite is Memento Mori by Cirque Colors because you only need a single coat.
  3. Paint the left half of your left hand nails matte. I used Matte Look by Cirque Colors.
  4. Paint the right half of your right hand nails matte.
  5. Paint the other half of your nails with a gloss top coat to finish off. Mine is Looking Glass by Cirque Colors.

Note: If you’re concerned about having shorter nails or wide nail beds, feel free to not come all the way to the edge of your nails to help elongate the ones you have. I did this on this mani because my nails are not as long as usual.


Very interesting articke! Thanx

This nails look very attractive and a little bit of mystery1

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