Mar 03, 2014

My Story

Snake River Canyon, Idaho
Camping, California.

I’m sure that we all have memories of our trips, travels, and adventures as adults. My story starts a little farther back… Growing up my mom worked full time so I spent a lot of time with my grandparents who happened to be cross-country truck drivers. They brought me with them quite often, so by the time I was 10 I visited most of The United States and some of Canada. We also took several camping trips and did all of the other typical family trips as well.

The memories I have as an adult traveler are very detailed and generally involve places or very specific locations. I retain a lot of the information because they are recent, but what about childhood memories? What do you remember? I have such fond memories of a trip to Victoria Island in Canada, the smell of the ocean, the bright purple starfish on the rocks near the Marina, it evokes such a visceral memory for me. I remember it with my whole body but loose some of the details and that’s okay.

One of the reasons that we bring the kids on so many trips with us is because of these memories. I want our children to remember the beautiful sunsets on the Kalalau trail on Kauai or the polser hot dogs in Copenhagen, Denmark. I want them to cherish these memories and pass them on to their children eventually. We sometimes take trips without them but usually end up saying things like,”Oh, the kids would love this!”, and return again with them anyway. The world is such a beautiful place and I can’t wait to share more of it with them.

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such beautiful post! thanks for sharing this memories with us!

Lovely story. I believe travel really does broaden the mind. I remember so much from my childhood holidays in Europe. My husband and I are giving our children the same experiences. We don’t want them to be worried about travelling somewhere new, or speaking another language.

I read your blog for a little while now, and I like the stories your share and your beautiful pictures. I totally agree with you, traveling is so important for kids. I traveled a lot with my parents as a child and I have so many good memories. I still love traveling and everywhere we go our kids come with us. Once we did a trip with my husband, and we did regret that the kids didn’t see the place 😉 Traveling is a family thing, at least for us.

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