Feb 28, 2014

House Tour: Master Bedroom

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When we traded rooms with the boys, I knew that comparing measurements, our bed would fit into their smaller room but it wasn’t until it was actually in there that I realized how tight of a squeeze it would be. We opted to tuck it away into the corner to allow a better flow for the space. It makes it easier to access the closet and such. Even though their closet was larger than ours, I added the dresser so that I’d have a little more storage for my clothes and we kept our under bed storage as well. It doesn’t really bother us much to not have direct access to a bathroom.

I feel like aside from adding a couple of photos above our bed, possibly painting, and maybe adding a full length mirror next to or where the plant is, the room is pretty complete. I have also been lusting over a Pia Wallen cross blanket as well, but I think I’ll get into trouble if I add any more throw blankets to my collection.

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Very pretty! The colors are the perfect balance between traditionally “feminine” and “masculine.”

I am in love with the Cross Blanket as well, I’m sure ONE day it will end up in my house!

I just NEED it. +.+ I think it would look awesome in your new house! Total excuse to get one.

You and throw blankets, me and baskets and storage boxes. Love the style of your master bedroom. I see no clutter. Anywhere. Love that you can just relax in there.

We’ll get you there! 🙂

Just came across you blog and know I am going to love it! I am so in love with how clean and clutter-free your room is!

Thanks! It’s not very large so it’s important to me for it to be relaxing.

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