Jul 16, 2020

My Neutral + Minimal Home Office

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Looking back to my first minimalist home office design in this house I loved the clean look of it, but after a couple of years it began to feel more stark and less inviting. I’ve loved the idea of warm minimalism lately. A type of minimalism that feels warm and lived in, yet still intentional and minimal. My home office now I think represents it well. Today I’m sharing with you a little tour of my neutral and minimal home office nook.

It feels so peaceful to be in this space now which is important to me since I work from home and now school the kids from home. Our older son does his work at his desk in his room and our younger works from the dining table since I do help him out quite a bit with his work. I wanted this space to feel a little personal so I hang items that mean something to me on the linen pinboard, and so do most items on my desktop. In the drawers I keep important papers, office supplies, a miniature scanner, and my nail polish collection since I paint my nails while I work at my desk, haha.

Love is in the details. My moon bowl is one of my favorite items, it’s a custom piece by Philip Kupferschmidt who also makes a few other pieces I have in my home. Some of the art on the board is collected from various travels, favorite poets, designers, artists, and some even snipped from mail catalogs. The safety pins are my lucky pins to hold my bibs for racing. The books in the stack are ones in my reading list, and the book in the tray is one of my very favorites. Can you tell by the makeshift bookmarks? If you notice the hard drives behind my computer screen, those are what I keep most of my photos on and believe me when I say that as a professional photographer there are millions.

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Do you work from home? Do you have a home office space?
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