Summer Poolside Essentials

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[dropcap2_large]F[/dropcap2_large]or the first time this summer, we ventured out into public as a family. We’ve been in shelter-in-place mode since March when our schools shut down and aside from exercise, groceries, and emergency visits with family we’ve been very hunkered down. Our pool took all of the proper precautions and I felt very at ease spending the day there, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite poolside essentials.

In my Pool Bag:

  • Janessa Leone Elana Hat

    This has been my absolute favorite hat for the last couple of summers. It has held up well and reads summer but I can absolutely drag it into fall with me too since it’s black.

  • Illesteva Leonard Mirror Sunglasses

    For the last few years these glasses haven’t left my side. Both the size and shape are a very flattering fit, but the silver marmor and mirror lenses keep them interesting.

  • Supergoop Sunscreen Oil

    The best part about this sunscreen is that the 1oz container will last you for-ev-er and it fits into your carry on liquids bag with ease. I’ve taken and worn it countless places and never burn.

  • Supergoop Lip Balm

    I like the way this feels on my lips. Some chapsticks just don’t feel good, but the mint scent and soft feel make this one a winner. Plus, your lips need SPF too!

  • Herbivore After Sun Mist

    Hands down the best after-sun care you’ll ever use. Living in California I’ve tried everything from pure aloe to off-the-shelf products and none of them beat this. If I happen to burn, I rarely peel when I use this and it soothes the burn right away.

  • Yield Hand Sanitizer

    Another super-favorite. I learned about this from a friend and it’s all we use in our house now. Other hand sanitizers burn my nostrils just to think about and this one is super moisturizing and smells amazing. And it’s still a whopping 75% alcohol. Win-win.

  • Salt by Nayyirah Waheed

    I don’t like pool reads that take too much thought, so this poetry is perfect. If you set it down or get distracted later you won’t feel lost when you pick it back up again.

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This is the most I plan to travel this summer, but if you enjoy this post you’d probably want to see what I normally pack in a suitcase.

What are some of your favorite poolside essentials?
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