Apr 02, 2015

Pack for a Week in Boston

1. Umbrella / 2. Warm Scarf / 3. Almost Lipstick / 4. Card Holder / 5. Sunglasses / 6. Wide Brim Hat / 7. Striped Top (similar) / 8. Silk Top / 9. Dark Denim / 10. Navy Shirt / 11. Gray Sweater / 12. Black Blazer / 13. Navy Travel Trench / 14. Maxi Dress / 15. Leather Tote / 16. Ankle Boots / 17. Casual Flats / 18. Warm Gloves

I’ve just returned from a five day trip to Boston, Massachusetts where I attended Women in Travel Summit, a place to bring together women in the travel industry. Spring is on the calendar in California, but it certainly has not arrived in Boston yet. Most of the days were a mix of rain or snow, and the one day that had a little bit of sunshine it was near freezing most of the day. This list is almost identical to what I packed for my trip, but I did bring a pair of my trusty black jeans. I only wore them once, so I didn’t include them on this list. If you’d like, I’d suggest tights or leggings under the dress for an extra layer of warmth.

Day 1 Day Arrive
Day 1 Welcome Party

Pack for 5 Days in Boston Pack for 5 Days in Boston

Day 2 Conference
Day 3 Conference

Pack for 5 Days in Boston Pack for 5 Days in Boston

Day 4 Conference
Day 5 Depart

Pack for 5 Days in Boston Pack for 5 Days in Boston

The hardest part for me about the trip was adjusting to the drastic change in temperature when you walk indoors. It took some time to get used to removing three layers of clothing every time I walked into a building. It also was not one of my smoothest trips. On the morning of day four, I had an accident with my breakfast which led to me having to wear a shirt I’d worn before. Since I wore a blazer or scarf most of the time no one noticed, and it made for a funny story later on. Hopefully this will help you with what to pack for a week Boston in the Spring, definitely not as warm as California.

Pack for 5 Days in Boston

Have you been to Boston or the New England area in the Spring? What did you pack?

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Interesting post!! I personally vote no for white jeans or leggins, but love the minimalist packing!! Pack light – LOVE!!!

Thanks for the post,
Natalie, The Educational Tourist

I didn’t bring white jeans, it wasn’t quite the right weather yet in Boston. And the leggings would be covered since the dress is pretty much floor length. 🙂 It was pretty cold outside. 🙂

Love, love that photo. What time of day was it taken?

Photos like this can be achieved near sunset, towards the end of it when the building lights start to come on. You will need to use a slower shutter and a tripod. 🙂

I LOVE how light you packed. I try so hard and something always goes wrong. GORGEOUS pictures of Boston – one of my favorite cities! I went at the beginning of September, years back, and it was perfect weather. I understand those drastic changes though; I travel to Denver for work – yikes!!

Thanks for sharing your packing tips. I’m definitely going to try them!


Ouch, Denver! That’s got to be cold in the winter. I really enjoy going to ‘cooler’ places than California but I don’t know if I could live there, ha.

I haven’t been to Boston, but would definitely love to! This is an excellent packing guide – I love vacations but HATE the packing part 🙂

Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

This just makes it easier for you. 😉

I haven’t been back east in years, but I just LOVE that last picture! I would love to go back and visit with my husband.

You should go! I think late Spring is the best time to visit, before summer humidity kicks in. 🙂

If you need someone to show you some spots in Boston, let me know! Happy to be a guide 🙂

Thank you so much for the offer, that’s so sweet! Unfortunately I just returned from my trip, but I still was able to see a few things around the conference.

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