Oct 13, 2016

Pack for Jamaica in the Fall

Travel Light - Pack for Jamaica in the Fall. 20 items, 10 outfits, 1 carry-on.

1. Linda Farrow Rose Gold Sunglasses / 2. Eugenia Kim Delilah Straw Hat / 3. Kjaer Weiss Honor Lipstick / 4. Caslong Heathered Gauze Scarf / 5. Jenni Kayne x Marysia Hamptons Bikini / 6. Striped Bikini Top & Bottoms / 7. Splendid Tie-Front Top / 8. Rag & Bone Distressed Striped Cotton Tee / 9. Madewell Whisper Cotton Tee / 10. Current/Elliot Denim Shorts / 11. Chloé Silk-Satin Shorts / 12. J Brand Cropped Skinny Jeans / 13. Crotchet Trim Coverup Caftan / 14. Vince Pleated Midi Skirt / 15. Vince Cutout Crepe Mini Dress / 16. Eres Transat Diane Navy Dress / 17. Lido Black Pom Pom Traditional Raffia Bag / 18. Loeffler Randall Alfie Perforated Sneakers / 19. ATP Rose Cutout Leather Slides / 20. Globe Trotter Safari 21″ Luggage

In just a couple of short weeks I’ll be on my way to Jamaica for the next Social Media on the Sand conference. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I packed for Turks & Caicos last year for it, and how I’ll pack this year. I’m hoping to do something similar to this packing list in feel, using items from my own wardrobe. I can easily substitute my black Melissa Sauce Slides with the ones on this list (and mine are waterproof!)

Though it’s Fall in Jamaica, the weather there is still warm, and of course humid. Last year it rained quite a bit in Turks & Caicos, so I’m hoping for something a little drier this time around. I don’t have any big activities planned for this trip, as I’ve opted to stay on land instead of doing the catamaran cruise so I don’t have to deal with motion sickness. I’m in love with the high-neck bikini from Marysia and the round pink sunglasses as well. There is something so 70’s glam about them. I’m also packing some necessities like my favorite sunscreen, and these handy insect repellent wipes. I usually try to use more natural products, but I have a really hard time with mosquitos and insect bites, so I’m convinced I’ll come home a souvenir I don’t want (hint: it starts with a Z!).



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Jamaica packing list. Jamaica packing list. Jamaica packing list.

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Have you been Jamaica? What did you pack for your trip?

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Hi guys, it’s Fall in Jamaica, the weather there is still warm, and of course humid

I need that high neck bathing suit!!! Jamaica in the fall sounds so great right now!

Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

I would LOVE to go to Jamaica, definitely on the bucket list!!

You lucky lady! Jamaica in Fall sounds dreamy!

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