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Packed for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Now that the rain has finally figured out that it’s winter, we are off to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Some of the items below I’ve packed, and others I wish that I could pack. Either way, I thought that they would all be pretty awesome for our trip.


1. Correa Sandals / 2. Steven Alan Malou Shirt / 3. Sea Salt Hair Spray / 4. Turkish Towel / 5. Cuyana Travel Case Set / 6. One-Piece Swimsuit / 7. Slate Windbreaker / 8. Festive Shorts

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  1. Those shoes are ADORABLE. I’m in need of some new sandals, so I just might have to get these…

    Love the bathing suit, too. 🙂 Have a great trip!

    1. Ooh I hope you do! They were out of my size. 🙁

  2. LOVE those sandals and the bathing suit.

    1. Thanks! I reallyyyyy like the suit but IDK if it would be a good fit for my body type.