Mar 28, 2014

Photo Field Trip / Santa Barbara, California

Have you ever had an experience that you simply could not describe? A moment so magical, and so awesome, and so emotional and full that you just can’t fathom the words to share that moment with others? As hard as you try there just are no words to describe it? I’ve had one too…

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Recently I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Photo Field Trip. You may recall my post about the drive down highway 1 to get there. Field Trip was held at El Capitan Canyon Resort, near Santa Barbara, California. It was wet and rainy and not really the ideal conditions for a first glamping experience. The magic of being surrounded by nearly 400 beautiful, talented, and creative people is very hard to describe to an outsider. It was my first time away from Søren for longer than a few hours so I was already in a very vulnerable place. I was worried about my baby and on the verge of tears for most of the drive down. Once we made it into the cabin we didn’t really have cell service. I thought to myself, “Great, what if something happens?”. I knew in my heart that nothing would, Søren was in good hands with my husband, and my mom even came to help out too. For the first time in a really long time, I simply let go. Unplugged. I cleared my mind and took a breath of fresh, misty air. I was ready.

team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-1 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-2 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-3 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-4 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-5

After dinner the opening talk was given by Dallas Clayton. It was life-altering. You should watch it here, I promise you won’t regret it. The rain pattered on the roof of our micro cabin off and on and the mist swirled through the canyon. Walking back from dinner on the first night I saw stars like I’ve never seen them before. The milky way strung across the sky in a cosmic watercolored array. As I locked my gaze on the heavens above I inhaled deeply and felt so very small. Just a tiny part in this big, beautiful universe.

team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-6 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-7team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-8 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-9 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-10 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-11 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-12 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-13team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-14 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-15

I took a lot of classes and listened in during panels with some insanely talented people. But a lot of what I learned was not inside a yurt. I went on a few hikes around the muddy hillside, down to see some soaking wet llamas and other farm animals, and even on a bike ride to the beach. Even though I was surrounded by hundreds of artists, creatives, and people who generally think outside the box it was hard to hold a conversation between umbrellas or rain ponchos. I was left alone with my thoughts and was able to absorb so much on this trip. I have pages upon pages of notes but I haven’t looked at them since I got home because the real transformation for me was on the inside. I’ve always considered myself a dreamer and am pretty comfortable in my own skin but this trip proved to me that everyone has room to team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-17 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-18 team-wiking-photo-field-trip-santa-barbara-19

“Close your eyes my child
and dream
that perfect dream
inside your head.”

– Dallas Clayton, An Awesome Book

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Nice photos I always pictured Santa Barbara as just beach now I see it for new beauty other areas thanks sharing

Jessica I’m so glad I came across your blog! I’m absolutely in love! Your photos are so beyond amazing and I can’t wait to keep up with you here! 🙂

Thank you so much! The easiest way to follow is via bloglovin’ ( )since I suck at posting/scheduling Facebook updates, haha.

I love this. I want to go to one.

You should! It was really awesome. Next year around the same time. 🙂

Beautiful, Jess! Looks like you had a great experience. Can’t wait to hear more.

Thanks, can’t wait to see you soon!

wow! sounds so cool! I can imagine it was hard to leave your kiddos back home but I’m glad you enjoyed it! photos are amazing!

Thank you! And yes, I hope to go again next year.

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