Apr 06, 2015

Planting A Spring Garden

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The weather here in California has started to warm up and we’ve been outside more lately. The boys really enjoyed our garden last year, so I wanted to let them have a bigger part in it this year. We spent some time this weekend planting a Spring garden. Our strawberries carried over from the previous couple of years, and thanks to Monrovia we’ve added a few other plants to our mix this season. We added Tomato, Cucumber, Zucchini, Sugar Peas, and what I’m most excited about, Blueberries! I haven’t had much luck with them in the past, so I’m hoping this blueberry plant fares better. Aiden helped me with planting, and Søren spent some time doing his favorite activity, watering. The plant markers only took about 5 minutes to make using paint stir sticks and chalkboard paint. I stacked them together and trimmed to a point with a miter saw before painting with a roller brush. I didn’t use a chalk pen, but you can if you want. I can’t wait until we can enjoy some of the food from our garden, our strawberry plants are already full of fruit.

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What are you planning to plant in your Spring garden?

This post is sponsored by Monrovia. To learn more about Monrovia and how you can plant a water wise / drought friendly garden, please visit their website or shop online. All opinions, text, and images are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make life here at Team Wiking a little sweeter.

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[…] it has been what we needed when we needed it. It has housed stock tank swimming pools, sandboxes, gardens, and judging by what we dug up in the dirt when we had to level it so many other projects long […]

Oh this is making me want to get in my garden and start planting! It’s Autumn here in Australia, and for years I have always wanted to have my own flower bed to take care of. Almost like having a child, but without all the mess :’D

Hello , I am visiting from #blogsociety. I love the look of your spring garden. We are in Autumn here downunder. Blueberries are better of in a pot like you have done. They are fussy and like to have a low acid soil, so I wish you well.

We planted a blueberry, too. Can’t wait to see if we get some fruit!

Ooh, good luck! I had a horrible time with one a few years ago, so I’m excited to see as well.

You make gardening look so chic 😉

Wow! Your garden is so beautiful! That playhouse is adorable…

Thanks so much! The boys love their sandbox, and it was super easy to make!

my fiance and i are currently waiting for our garden to be ready to plant outside! we decided we wanted to try our hand at growing them from seeds, and it has been so much fun! it is crazy how rewarding creating a garden is. i am most excited for our strawberries!!!

Ooh, that’s exciting! I tried growing from seed once and didn’t have a lot of luck with it. I think it takes more gardening skill than I have. My strawberries are one of my favorites, mostly because they’ve survived so long

We need to figure out what we are going to plant in our garden. This will be our first time having one and I am really excited!!

Congrats! Gardening can be very rewarding, or it can teach a good lesson in plant care (bahaha). I think when we had our first garden we started with tomatoes, canteloupe, and pumpkin. I thought they would all be easy but my tomatoes were the only thing that survived the season.

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