Aug 20, 2012

Review: Life and Death of a Goodbyn

I purchased a Goodbyn for my son in 2009, just after the product was announced. I actually pre-ordered it and was really excited about it and not creating more waste with his daily lunches. He had this Goodbyn for 3 (THREE!) years and aside from losing a sticker or two it’s still going strong. They even held up well after frequent run ins with the dish washer. The handle did break a few weeks before school ended but I just trimmed it and he finished out the school year with this lunch box. Here he is with it brand new on his first day of Kindergarten:


And here it is after three long years of daily abuse:

We’ve now recycled his old Goodbyn (they are 100% recyclable!) and purchased a new Goodbyn Bento for him. Often he would not eat all of the food I packed in his normal sized Goodbyn so I’m glad that Goodbyn created a smaller “byn” appropriately named the “Bynto”. One of Aiden’s favorite things about the Goodbyn is that he gets to decorate it with stickers. It’s a very serious process.

All done! I look forward to getting many years out of this Goodbyn as well. For more information and to purchase your own Goodbyn, please visit

* Please note that this post was in no way sponsored by Goodbyn. This is an honest review about a product that I love.


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Hi, you have a great website. Saw your photos on Monoqi!

This is a really good thing, I wish for a pink one to take with me to work.

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