Apr 30, 2009

Robots in Space! Aiden’s Room Plan

Aiden wants a Robots in Space bedroom, so I came up with something for inspiration and thought that I’d share. I’ve already started working on his room, though it won’t be exactly like this. I can’t wait to share the finished product, I’m hoping it will look so good!

Aiden's new room inspiration, Robots in Space!

$799 TrueModern Twin Bed (Design Public)
$599 TrueModern Low Bookcase (Design Public)
$399 TrueModern Night Stand (Design Public)
$129 Vitten Rug (Ikea)
$110 Boodalee Space Twin Duvet & Sham Set (Design Public)
$110 Pod Table (Urban Outfitters)
$80 Boodalee Space Twin Sheet Set (Design Public)
$69 Lamp (Land of Nod)
$40 Gear Wall Decals (Etsy)
$28 OXO Tooli lights (Amazon)
$22 i robot. i help.  mini (romp)
$19 Three Little Robots (Etsy)
$13 Strapping Waste Bin (Land of Nod)
$12 Glow Stars (Amazon)
$10 Strapping Cube Bin (Land of Nod)

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[…] some time ago I posted inspiration for Aiden’s room when he told me that he wanted a “Robots in Space” bedroom. […]

I love his idea for a theme. All the pieces you’re looking at are great! I love bright colours, they give a room so much character.

i can’t wait to see what you end up doing to aiden’s room. he is such a lucky kid

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