Aug 01, 2016

Sea Ranch, California

Highway 1 in California

At the start of Summer we took a trip to Sea Ranch, California with some family. We stayed in a house in Sea Ranch and explored surrounding areas. Although a bit windy, the weather was beautiful and the sunsets were as well. We spent lots of time hiking around the coastal bluffs, and even hiked out to Gualala Point (we’ve been here before!).

Sea Ranch, California Sea Ranch, California Gualala Beach in California
Walking around Gualala Point Regional Park with our pups.

Gualala Point Regional Park, 42401 CA-1, Gualala, California 95445.

Sea Ranch, California Fort Ross, California
We made a drive down to Fort Ross, a former Russian settlement. It was interesting to learn the history and be able to explore all of the old buildings. My favorite part was the lookout towers at the corner of the fort, complete with holes in the walls for cannons.

Fort Ross State Historic Park, 19005 Coast Highway, Jenner, California 95450

Stengel Beach in Sea Ranch, California Stengel Beach in Sea Ranch, California
Stengel Beach was a nice little hike and stop-off before heading back to the house. It was smaller and featured a waterfall, and some fun rocks along the shoreline. The hike included climbing down a larger rock as well as stairs. Be sure to go during low-tide or there may be no beach to visit!

Stengel Beach, 37900 Highway 1, Sea Ranch, California 95497

Bowling Ball Beach near Mendocino, California
Bowling Ball beach near Mendocino was a gem. It’s also known as Schooners Gulch and you can only see the ‘bowling balls’ at low tide. I plan on doing a more lengthly post about it later, so keep an eye out!

Cypress Tree Tunnel in Sea Ranch, California Sunset in Sea Ranch, California Sunset in Sea Ranch, California
Otherwise there was lots of downtime, lots of nature sightings, and lots of beautiful sunsets on our trip. Sea Ranch was pretty magical and I can’t wait to go back one day.

Highway 1 in California Highway 1 in California Highway 1 in California

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It really doesn’t matter how many times you visit Sea Ranch, the vistas are always unique and marvelous. There really is much to explore and experience all through the year (

Please let us know the next time you wish to visit Sea Ranch. We’d be honored to host you and your family at our oceanfront pet welcoming home.

looks amazing! great photos, as always!

As always, beautiful set of photos, Jessica! I particularly love the one with the deers! 🙂

Awesome pics!! That fog is pretty crazy.

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